Treatment of folk remedies for toothache

Toothache - nagging, nagging, "dividing" the head and the entire body - is able to bring to mind the hardiest people.What to do if a dental clinic for any reason out of reach, and you are experiencing, to put it mildly, unpleasant sensations?You save folk remedies for toothache at home.Proven, sometimes inexplicable, they reduce pain, remove the swelling, inflammation will be removed.Is the "granny" methods of dental treatment?

Benefits folk treatments

traveling or being on a business trip, going to the cottage, there is a sad chance to detect nearby dental clinic.What if I have a toothache, at home, what are the advantages of non-drug method of treatment:

  1. Folk remedies - perfect to soothe the pain symptoms in those who are afraid to visit the doctor.Naturally, conspiracy, decoctions and compresses not seal the hole in the carious tooth.They will facilitate the state "provide" the opportunity to sleep (if an acute attack of pain broke out during the night), gathering strength and courage before
    the visit to the clinic.
  2. Allergy help folk remedies for toothache.
  3. often pregnant women are concerned about the increased sensitivity of the teeth, sensitive to the temperature of the food, the presence of acids or salts in the products.In order not to resort to receive the tablets during pregnancy should take advantage of people's recommendations.
  4. pain occurs in the evening or at night, on weekends, during holidays "your" doctor."Reach" until morning or until Monday in anticipation of opening a dental office are called "grandmother" means: prayer, decoctions and compresses.

most effective folk remedies for toothache

Advances in science are helping to develop the latest tools, drugs that can cure of many diseases.However, the mechanism of their effects is not the same for different people.Forgetting about the spiritual component and the huge power of faith, we present the chemistry and pharmacology their health.Ancient rituals and practices show that a strange, mystical world of bioenergy that is not most people's minds, able to heal from illness.Cycling subconscious processes, traditional healers use in practice plots, acupressure, herbs, prayer.

Conspiracy toothache

Modern man is very hard to believe in the efficacy of the conspiracy.However, most non-believers pragmatists are ready for any options when toothache crazy.I was surprised by detecting the disappearance of pain, they overestimate the possibilities related to traditional therapies.How to relieve toothache, referring to the spiritual practices of their ancestors?

While at the cottage or camping trip, go out at dawn in the field, on the seashore.Bow down to the low side of the world.Turning to face the rising sun, wash with a key or holy water.Being at home in the apartment, ventilate the room at dawn.Please face the east.Crosshair, say the main Christian prayer "Our Father".After a repeat of the conspiracy words, pronouncing the phrase with faith in the termination of a toothache.

Prayer toothache

special energy, grace overshadow man reading prayers.This is an effective folk remedy that can relieve toothache, reduce the appearance of flux.Prayerful appeal to the Lord God, the patron saint of the inexplicable to the layman way affects the delicate matter of the spiritual world.Heal toothache help Christian prayers of the Blessed Virgin, martyr Antipas, Reverend Jonah Moscow.Turning toward the east, read prayers in a low voice, measured three times.

Massage pinna

Acupuncture has been known since ancient times.Widely used eastern healers in treating a wide range of diseases, acupuncture can help to temporarily "turn off" the pain.Gentle massage of the upper part of the ear - an effective remedy for toothache at home.On the ear is concentrated the maximum number of biologically active points.How to get rid of a toothache with the help of massage the ear:

  • grasp with two fingers (thumb and index) at the top of the ear;
  • slow, careful rotational movements gradually go down to the lobe;
  • repeat the procedure a couple of minutes every quarter of an hour, until a toothache does not become quieter.

Traditional recipes from a toothache and flux

Verified centuries traditional medicine - decoction of herbs, plants, alcohol tinctures and even food - are effective methods of reducing the painful symptoms caused by tooth "problems."Fast relief of pain depends on the frequency of use of decoctions, compresses.Do not forget the mandatory visit to the doctor: folk remedies - a temporary measure, which does not cure the festering and will not stop the process of tooth decay.


Traditional medicine has long been used antiseptic properties of herbs, plants especially painkillers for toothache, swelling of the gums.The rinse your mouth when you have a toothache:

  1. Sage.Pour 2 bag filter cup of boiling water.After a quarter of an hour infusion (the temperature should drop to 40) Rinse mouth by holding a warm solution of 30 to 40 seconds for the cheek.Frequency rinses - every 10 minutes.
  2. herbal decoction.Take equal parts of sage, mint, lime, chamomile and oak bark.Pour a liter of water, boil.Set aside to infuse up to temperature 36-40.Rinse up to 15 times during wakefulness.


effective way to alleviate the toothache will compresses, lotions.Traditional medicine offers the following tools:

  1. Garlic.The method of treatment is amazing: strong soothe aching helps compress of crushed garlic cloves, tightly strapped to the wrist ....Crush a clove to the state of slurry, wrap a layer of gauze.Bend the hand, which is the opposite side of the patient's tooth.Place the garlic-gauze bandage in the fold, where it is best listened pulse.Tightly strapped.
  2. Propolis.Small ball of natural propolis, applied to the aching tooth, "hold" anesthesia for a quarter of an hour.


Alcohol solution of propolis, camphor perfectly cope with disinfection of oral bacteria, oak bark strengthen gums, oregano, combined with chamomile will remove the toothache:

  1. Anesthetic infusion.You'll need salt (half a teaspoon), 2-3 g of camphor alcohol and 20 g of ammonia.Stir the 200 ml of water.This infusion relieve toothache during rinses or as a compress.
  2. Onion infusion.To prepare folk remedy for toothache you will need to peel three lukovok medium size and boiling water - 250 ml.Efficiency means depends on the concentration of the infusion.

What helps toothache a child

appearance of the crumbs of long-awaited first teeth, the replacement of the indigenous dairy - not the most pleasant for the child processes.They are often accompanied by fever and dental pain.If a kid (or no baby) complains of pain, and you can not appeal to a pediatric dentist immediately help:

  1. Rinse strong brew of black tea, a decoction of chamomile and sage - they disinfect the mouth, will remove the toothache.
  2. Rinses with brine and soda (5 mg per 200 ml water) - remove inflammation and edema.
  3. cotton-gauze tamponchik abundantly moistened with alcohol tincture of propolis and applied to the aching tooth, removes unpleasant sensations.

Preventive measures

Secure teeth from decay, but your body from toothache, prevention activities are designed with the use of improvised folk medicine:

  1. purchased in pharmacies ordinary tooth powder.When brushing your teeth, add it to the paste in order to prevent the formation of bacterial plaque and calculus.
  2. Similarly on the effects is to use baking soda.Dip a toothbrush with toothpaste applied in soda, before cleaning the teeth.
  3. avoid manifestations of periodontal disease helps a folk remedy of broth oak bark (2 tbsp. Spoons on half a liter of water).

Video: how to quickly remove a toothache at home

to relieve inflammation and strengthen the gums, to get rid of unpleasant odors "grandmother's recipes" are sometimes more effective than traditional methods.We should not forget that the unfilled cavities or cure pulpit they can not.Any "problem" with teeth require referral to a specialist.How to soothe a toothache at home, if the visit to the dentist is temporarily not possible, you will learn from the videos below.