Pustular form of psoriasis

This chronic skin disease like psoriasis is not contagious.It is characterized by lesions in the form of red pustules affecting the body, elbows and feet.The disease is accompanied by pain and itching.But the biggest problem - the psychological.The patient is avoided, afraid to communicate with him.He himself was part of the company, goes public places.There are problems in everyday life, personal life.Worse, when there is a pustular form of the disease.It is treated only in a hospital.What is pustular psoriasis?This severe form of the disease that is life-threatening.

kinds of diseases and their symptoms

disease most often affects men, but in women, rarely sick child.What are the symptoms of psoriasis?Characterized by the appearance of red pus bubbles.They first single, but gradually merge into large arrays that cover the whole body.Are formed at the folds of elbows, hit the palms, soles.The patient has a fever, there is a weakness, soreness.Required urgent hospitalization, intensive therapy -

to avoid death.There are forms of the disease:

  • generalized;
  • localized;
  • infantile (rare).

Generalized form

In generalized form of psoriasis occurs defeat the whole body, that is life-threatening.Fever, sore joints, purulent lesions require urgent complex influence on the entire body.There are three types of the disease with generalized form:

  • Tsubmusha psoriasis;
  • impetigo herpetiformis;
  • acrodermatitis Allopo.

Psoriasis Tsubmusha.Rarely appears in healthy individuals.Sick people who have had psoriasis.It is characterized by a single bubble, burning sensation.Inflamed areas hot to the touch.Papules can disappear and reappear.Rash gradually combined first in small portions, and then cover the whole body, including the head and limbs.The patient's condition is very serious.

impetigo herpetiformis.This type of psoriasis is characteristic of pregnant women and is linked and endocrine disorders.Men and children are rare.It appears suddenly, located rashes in the groin, armpits, around the navel.The papules are sometimes combined into a ring, located one within the other, they are filled with pus.Typical symptoms of the disease:

  • vomiting;
  • fever;
  • temperature rise;
  • diarrhea;
  • joint pain.

Acrodermatitis Allopo has the characteristic rash on the soles, hands.The pustules can be opened to form erosive surface, purulent crusts.Psoriasis on the hands affects the first one finger, then covered the whole hand and nails.Movement is limited, because the brush is inflated.The disease is chronic, with relapses.Initially formed a skin redness, peeling, cracks.Ends purulent lesions.The disease may precede injury.

localized form

In this form of psoriasis lesion subjected to some parts of the body, for example, foot, hand.Due to the localization of the disease, it takes place not so hard, it is easier to cure.Although the application requires hospitalization and treatment system of the whole organism and not only on the skin manifestations.There are three kinds of this form of the disease:

  • psoriasis Barbera;
  • localized form akrodermatita Allopo;
  • psoriasis with pustulizatsiey.

Psoriasis Barber - the most severe form of localized, life-threatening.It affects the palms, soles.Characterized by the appearance of small spots with sharp edges that turn into pustules, which are located in the skin depth.The disease occurs in waves, lasts a long time, responds poorly to therapy.Manifested first in the thumb on the hand and the foot - can be confused with eczema or fungal disease.Gradually it covers all fingers.Inflammation covers the hands, feet, heels.

localized form akrodermatita Allopo manifested rash on the pubic part, on the phalanges of the fingers and toes.Most men suffer from.Pustules single, rarely together in large colonies.The disease tends to recur, it is difficult to treat, requires a comprehensive impact on the entire body.Compulsory treatment in a hospital with the use of drugs and physiotherapy.

with pustulizatsiey Psoriasis occurs as a result of improper treatment of psoriasis usual.This reaction can give drug exposure.In this case, the disease progresses to the existing foci of inflammation.The pustules are not widely available, they are small, red, pus.In the treatment using a needle to pierce the bubbles dampened aniline dye.

diagnostic methods

Diagnosis pustular psoriasis begins with the examination of the patient.The disease has a special characteristic appearance of the skin.There are symptoms that are unique to this type of psoriasis.In a survey it becomes clear how long a person is ill, under any circumstances, there are signs of the disease.When mixed picture of the disease, find out - whether there are relatives who suffer from the same ailment.This confirms the probability of psoriasis.If in doubt, conduct a histological study of skin tissue.To clarify, in a complex case, do a blood test.

How to treat pustular psoriasis

There are certain treatment regimens pustular psoriasis.Assign the first drugs acting on the skin, in complex cases, a comprehensive treatment of the whole organism.To cure the disease in severe cases use:

  • local treatment with ointments, creams;
  • physiotherapy;
  • drug effects;
  • bath;
  • ozone therapy;
  • kriolechenie;
  • pustules piercing needle with aniline dyes;
  • diet;
  • spa treatment.

Drug therapy

Treatment of psoriasis with the help of drugs aimed at the treatment of the whole body system.can improve the patient's condition only in this case.Of drugs for the treatment of psoriasis, allowing to cope with chronic illness:

  • sedatives - sedatives: "Persia", "Novopassit";
  • relieves itching "Tavegil", "Suprastin";
  • gepatoprotektory - support the liver, "Gepral", "Geptor".

For the treatment of severe psoriasis in a hospital using new, modern biologicals "infliximab", "Alefatsent".They are recommended for use when the patient can not tolerate the navel therapy is contraindicated or she him.No less important role in the treatment are:

  • immunosuppressants - lifted immunity - "Cyclosporine";
  • cytostatics - destroyers of the cell growth process - "Methotrexate";
  • preparations containing vitamin A - "Tigazon";
  • ointments and creams with tar, grease;
  • vitamin complexes;
  • hormonal ointment "Elokim", "Diprosalik".


Good reviews in the treatment of psoriasis physiotherapy.It should be noted that not all patients are suitable physiotherapy and easily tolerated by them.Treatment takes place under the strict supervision of a dermatologist.It analyzes the results and adjust the treatment.Under favorable conditions, physiotherapy give excellent effect and long-term remission.These types of procedures include:

  • ultraviolet irradiation;
  • PUVA therapy - photochemical effects;
  • electrostimulation;
  • laser treatment;
  • electrophoresis;
  • darsonval;
  • plasmapheresis.

Spa treatment

After hospital treatment, patients pustular psoriasis recommend the spa rehabilitation.It gives effective results occur stable remission after treatment of psoriasis.The resorts of the important therapeutic factors: the sun, air, climate.Excellent help sea bathing.We offer such treatments:

  • physiotherapy;
  • laser;
  • mineral water in the form of baths and inside;
  • psychotherapeutic treatment;
  • underwater massage;
  • mud;
  • Naftalan oil;
  • halotherapy - salt caves in the procedure.

should also be said about the way the treatment baths, which are held the course.There are treatments that are available at any local resorts: soothing - pearl, oxygen, medical - with turpentine and tar.Separately are healing baths with natural ingredients that are characteristic for a certain resort:

  • hydrogen sulfide: Pyatigorsk, Belokurikha;
  • silica: Goryachinsk, Tkvarcheli;
  • sodium chloride: Yevpatoriya, Staraya Russa;
  • radon: Pyatigorsk, Belokurikha.

What is pustular psoriasis of palms and soles

Psoriasis Barbera, covering the feet, develops symmetrically on both legs.

localized form akrodermatita Allopo often located in the phalanges of the fingers.

Psoriasis with pustulizatsiey appears on the heels of formed in the ordinary form of papules disease.

In psoriasis Tsumbusha individual dots merge into larger affected area.

requires a very serious treatment of psoriasis covering the whole foot, interfering with walking.

impair the quality of life manifestations of the disease on the palms.