How to make a shot in the buttock

Make intramuscular injection under the force of many people who have no medical specialty, since only need to strictly follow the rules the injection and not be afraid.We offer to study useful information on how to properly make a shot in the buttock and what nuances should be observed.Detailed instruction procedure execution will learn how to do it safely yourself and loved ones.

How to get a shot in the buttock

Use of the drug in this way has a number of features.The list set out below will help you understand how to put a shot in the buttock without risk to prevent a blunder:

  1. necessary to put a person on the couch, and then bare buttocks (any, if the procedure is done once, buttocks should prick alternating with regular injections).
  2. Thoroughly wash hands with soap and wear sterile medical gloves to the wound does not carry infection and protect yourself.
  3. Dial desired syringe medication to remove bubbles expelling fluid through the needle until a drop.
  4. skin on tummy rub the cotton wool m
    oistened with rubbing alcohol.Quickly enter the syringe needle 2/3 in muscle relaxation cotton and slowly push the plunger until it stops.
  5. Attach to the injection site with alcohol soaked cotton wool (swab disk), and remove the needle dramatically.

injections into the buttock children to do more difficult than adults because they are afraid of pain: help them transfer procedure without screams and fear, having a conversation optimistic.After the procedure, it is desirable to encourage the children, or even to encourage small gift: they remember those moments and more to endure following the injection.

How to put injections

want to know how to put a shot intramuscularly unaided, should learn the techniques and some of its features.Compliance with the nuances ensures correct procedures.For example:

  1. inserts a needle, making a shot in the ass adult woman, a girl or a man should be at a right angle, and a child - at an angle of 45 °.
  2. skin before puncture is necessary to pull or collect a large fold (for children, thin people).
  3. Thrust yourself to do standing up, bending the knee to relax the buttocks and provide easy passage of the needle.

Knowing how to make yourself an injection, a person saves their time and financial resources, as designated treatment injections he can go home.Forget all about doctors thus wrong, especially when the disease is severe and requires constant monitoring.Knowledge about how to do injections in the buttocks must be practiced only when you are confident in their abilities.Complex injection must necessarily be done by physicians.

In what part of the buttocks

very urgent question of where to prick injections in the buttocks, because this does not fit all of its area.Place the injection is determined by its visual division into 4 parts.Upper left or right (depending on the buttocks) square - the most suitable site, it is so difficult to get into the sciatic nerve and the neurovascular bundle.If you set out to learn how to make a shot in the buttocks muscles to use the acquired knowledge, be sure to note this nuance.

What should I do if the sore injection site

pain, numbness, muscle swelling and other complications quickly make themselves felt, if it is wrong to make a shot in the buttock or get into an unwanted portion.Speed ​​up the process of absorption of therapeutic drug helps warming iodine mesh.Remove the pain still recommend using a simple cabbage leaf, which must be pressed to disturbing the site.Temperature, redness of the skin, muscles seal already requires doctors examination as self with such symptoms is unacceptable.

If air gets into the muscle

Medical Practice has proved that the air entering the muscle is not deadly, but also undesirable because of this there is a small bump (air infiltration).Eliminates she grindings with heating ointments, massage, and it is better to wait until the seal will resolve on their own, without outside manipulation.Big shot, followed by pain and fever, can cause the table to the surgeon, so you must know how to prick injections in the buttocks.

There was a pain in the leg

Occasions when the leg after injection starts to go numb and hurt, fixed a lot in medical practice.The problem should be concerned if the discomfort lasts more than 3-4 hours.Self-medication is not recommended to do, because the pain may be concerned because of the damage to the sciatic nerve or vessel.It is best to consult a doctor, who will select the treatment program and give sensible recommendations.

Video: how to make a shot in the buttock itself

thought about how to do intramuscular injection yourself?Then be sure to watch this interesting video!He will learn how to inject properly, as required by the rules of medicine.Note the fine details, guidelines and you will avoid common mistakes that can negatively affect the condition of the body.