The first signs of alcoholism

Alcoholism - a disease that affects a person slowly and imperceptibly for him and others.Gradually, the person loses control of his life, becoming a servant, "green dragon".There is a complete degradation of the patient's personality, all his thoughts are directed only to have to drink alcohol.The earlier start to the fight against alcoholism, the greater the chance of success.To learn how to recognize the disease and what are the early signs of alcoholism, we describe in this article.

symptoms of alcoholism

The primary signs of alcoholism include symptoms such as:

  • Attraction drinking with or without cause
  • first signs of memory loss
  • absence of nausea and vomiting associated with toxic alcohol poisoning
  • resistant and brightsevere withdrawal (hangover)
  • heavily, the inability to control the consumption of alcohol

stages of alcoholism

Experts identify three stages of alcoholism, as well as the prodrome - state border with drunkenness.

Prodromus - in this condition a person consume

s alcohol regularly, but so far it has not yet become the norm system and its life.At this stage, a person is able at any time to give up alcohol.But if it becomes a regular binge drinking, alcoholism becomes chronic.

first stage - a person produces tolerance to all spirits: to come intoxication, he has to consume more and more alcohol.A desire to drink alone, "for dinner" or at any time.The next day there is a partial loss of memory.

second stage - tolerance increases so that the dose of alcohol consumed rises in alcohol consumption by half.Monitor the consumption of alcohol a person is no longer able.As drunk alcoholic loses control over his actions.He begins to produce such action as sober he would never commit.During the hangover comes the desire to consume alcohol.

Abstinence is characterized by the deterioration of psychological state, there are manifestations of depression.There is a rise in temperature and pressure, limb tremors.The person becomes irritable, immediately loses his temper, even the sounds from the street or sunlight.Alcoholics a feeling of shame for what happened, but after the re-enactment of alcohol mentioned symptoms temporarily retreat.

third stage - and booze binges continued constantly with small breaks.The alcoholic is drunk most of the time (see. Photo), and for intoxication he needs a minimum amount of alcohol.Drunken lifestyle leads to severe disintegration of personality, an alcoholic in need of treatment of alcoholic psychosis or neurosis, which sometimes overflows into "delirium tremens" - a condition of alcoholic insanity.

addition of mental health problems, there is a total violation of the vital functions of all body systems.There are such specific disease drinker, alcoholic gastritis as the pancreas, alcoholic neuropathy, and encephalopathy, alcoholic pancreatitis, and liver and gastric diseases.In some cases, these diseases are incurable.

Loss of control over the amount of alcohol

One of the major signs of incipient alcoholism is considered to be the loss of control over the amount of alcohol drunk.It happens that after drinking alcohol on the eve of a large portion of a person feels a sense of regret about it.He comes to the conclusion that too much to drink, but the next time he realizes that he should drink less.

But deceit alcoholism is that, starting from the first stage of alcoholism, a person can not control the drinking of alcohol.He has already produced a reflex, causing it to consume more and more alcohol.After drinking, the person gradually begins to sober up, and then he wants to again drink to get drunk again.But the possibilities of the body are not unlimited, and soon a person loses all control over drunk, and falls into a state of complete intoxication.

If every booze finishes strong intoxication, accompanied by a partial loss of memory and deterioration of motor coordination, therefore, the first stage of alcoholism has moved into the second.

loss of gag reflex

This feature, in contrast to the loss of control over consumption of alcohol, a clear indication of what came first stage of alcoholism.Vomiting after drinking excessive amounts of alcohol - a normal protective reaction of a healthy organism in cases of poisoning.The body tries to get rid of the poison inside it, there is an operation of several of the body's systems.

But systematic drunkenness protective functions are weakened, and he no longer struggles with poisons: immediately after taking excessive amounts of alcohol is not vomiting.Even if a person gets drunk to unconsciousness, he can begin involuntary urination, vomiting, but will be absent.This is a sure sign of alcoholism, which goes from the first to the second stage.

Under the absence of vomiting and retching is meant vomiting on the day when the alcohol had been used.If the vomiting starts the next day, the sign will designate a disorder or disease of the stomach and digestive organs.

Increased craving for alcohol

This phenomenon is familiar to everyone the alcoholic at any stage of the disease.Many people drink alcohol from time to time, over the first, and then without it.Drinking alcohol is becoming a welcome and necessary.This feature is not always possible to feel the full, because with time a person comes to alcohol addiction.

In order to understand whether there is a craving for alcohol, it is necessary to consider their relationships with friends.If in the beginning of friendly relations you just talked, then further changes have taken place: you started to drink alcohol together.At first, from time to time, and then permanent.And if at first one refused, but now the same person he proposes to drink.Each ends with a friendly meeting plentiful drink.

Gradually one begins to acquire all the new friends, but they consume alcohol, with abstainers familiar becomes somehow boring.Before the joint meeting and booze on the soul of the alcoholic becomes joyful, and at home he always has a supply of alcohol "for friends".

His behavior he finds a lot of excuses, "drinking relieves stress", "life becomes more fun," etc.Unbeknownst to alcoholic his interests are narrowed to drink, and everything else - family and work - he is interested less and less.

secret drinking alone

few decades ago in the cultural environment of people considered unacceptable to drink alcohol on their own, and for this reason: drunkenness alone - a sure sign of alcoholism.Small doses of alcohol contribute to the conversation, the sides are open and willing to communicate.But if there is no buddy, why drink?Just for the sake of good mood?

memory lapses

As drunk drunk person loses control over his words and actions.In this state, he makes promises, tells stories.The next day, he does not remember it all.If he remembers what happened after the reminder of his alcohol addiction is the first step.But if he does not remember, and after a reminder, it is already an alcoholic binge.

Tips doctors

  • Alcoholism cunning that amazes man unbeknownst to him and others.The earlier stop taking alcohol and begin treatment, the better the chance to get rid of a dangerous addiction.
  • treatment without the patient's knowledge or involuntary treatment has little chance - only when the alcoholic realizes that was determined to quit the habit, it is necessary to count on success.
  • There are two types of alcoholism treatment: inpatient and outpatient.The decision to choose a method of treatment must be taken after consultation with the doctor-narcologist.
  • If there is desire, there is a good chance to get rid of alcohol addiction.Developed proven techniques: coding, courses of medical treatment.
  • Remember that alcoholism is not completely cured.After getting rid of dependence, you should not drink.
  • If a person has become the path of deliverance from addiction, he will have to change the way of life: social circle, friends, maybe even work and place of residence.We encourage you to seek fellowship in the club of Alcoholics Anonymous who want to get rid of their bad habits.

For more information on the first signs of alcoholism, see the video.