Inguinal athlete in men

Some men find themselves in the red spots in the groin.This phenomenon is very unpleasant, its symptoms deliver a lot of inconvenience - it itches, hurts.Fungus male groin itself fails.Because of the sensitivity of this issue, many hesitate to consult your doctor.Fungus genitals should definitely cured.If you are faced with this disease, you need to figure out all of the existing methods of removal.

What is jock itch

Unlike candidiasis (yeast fungus, candida, yeast infection) is not a disease affects the mucous membranes and the skin of the groin.Athlete is contagious.Catch the fungus can be through unprotected sex with a woman, poor personal hygiene, frequent visit public places for swimming.Under the risk of infection fall by men living in hot countries and those in which there is a fungal infection of other parts of the body.Causes of the fungus in the groin in males:

  • sweating;
  • moist environment, the occurrence of diaper rash;
  • lack of hygiene;
  • wrong metabolism of fats and carbohydrates.

Groin ringworm is manifested by symptoms:

  1. genitals and around the areas of the skin with the fungus badly scratched.Itching in the groin does not pass, amplified, causing pain.On the penis fungus does not apply.
  2. skin is covered with a red rash with clear boundaries.
  3. starts peeling of the affected area by fungus, on it there are small cracks.
  4. Healthy skin around the infected groin becomes dry, it starts browning.

groin - breeding ground for fungus.There is always a little fever.If a person sweats heavily, this area starts to get wet and rot.The fungus can infect the genitals, skin folds, scrotum, the skin between the buttocks.If left untreated, the rash in groin in males, and the redness expands.She's going to large patches that itch unbearably, covered with ulcers, papillomas, bubble.

Than to treat fungus in the groin

Whichever method you choose, keep the following guidelines:

  1. Before applying any antifungal agent intimate wash the area with soap and water.
  2. Smear medicine not only affected but also healthy parts of the groin skin.
  3. If you do not become easier in ten days, inform the doctor.
  4. Wear loose pants made of natural material, change them daily.
  5. hair in the groin antifungal shampoo wash, but better - to remove the time.
  6. If using pharmacological agents from dermatitis, strictly follow the instructions.
  7. Change the bedding every day.
  8. Provide dry the groin, using talc or powder.
  9. can be treated as a medicine from a fungus, and folk remedies.

antifungal ointments for intimate areas

You can buy the following drugs:

  1. usual cream or ointment against fungi "Ketoconazole", "clotrimazole" "Terbinafine".Effective in the early and middle stages of the fungus.
  2. antifungal ointment for the skin with anti-inflammatory action, "Triderm" "Miconazole".Assist in advanced cases.
  3. Tablets "Fluconazole", "Nystatin" "Itraconazole".They are used only under the prescription of the doctor.
  4. Antihistamines, for example, "Suprastin".

folk remedies

If for some reason, use the pharmacy drugs, you do not want to try home remedies treatment.It is important to understand that the effectiveness of the fungus in the groin in men is uncertain and depends on a huge number of factors.Many patients lose time trying to get rid of the disease folk remedies, and the infection progresses.House you will be able to prepare a medicine for rashes, inflammation.

how to remove itch groin

Effective ways:

  1. Mix dry St. John's wort with chamomile, cranberries, yarrow, eucalyptus and violet in equal parts.Teaspoon composition pour 200 ml of boiling water.Half an hour to cool, then strain.Drink three times a day, 100 ml.
  2. Yarrow, flaxseed, a series of oak bark, mix evenly.Tablespoon composition pour a liter of boiling water.Cool, wet cloth, apply to the affected skin.
  3. Fungus on a limb removed by this method.Poplar and birch buds mix evenly, add a raw egg.Pour vodka, insist week.Do lotions on genitalia.

How to get rid of the rash

There are some ways:

  1. Celandine chop, mash thoroughly.Make compresses with this ointment.Keep up to half an hour.One part of celandine juice mix with three olive oils.Treat groin several times per day.
  2. add a drop of essential in a teaspoon of olive oil: fir, clove, geranium,: Peach.Treat affected areas of skin ointment.
  3. salt and baking soda, dilute with water to make a thick cream.Apply on the infected skin, wait until dry and rinse thoroughly.Then, use talcum powder.

Photo tinea

Unaware examples, you recognize the fungus is not so simple.Look, it looks like the infection in the compilation of photographs.Then you will be able to accurately distinguish between fungal forms from other skin diseases in the groin area.If you are faced with infection, do not panic.Nowadays, almost all cured.The main thing - do not delay a visit to the doctor.Dermatologic easier when the disease is still in the initial stages.

Video of the redness in his groin in males and inguinal fungus