First aid for heart failure

When a person's heart stops, the highest death threat.The reasons are that the "motor" stopped working, a lot: hypothermia, lack of oxygen, ischemia, hemorrhagic or anaphylactic shock.Also provoke a state of clinical death may be an accident, acute poisoning organism, lightning, shock, heart failure, myocardial infarction, traumatic brain injury.First aid for heart failure has very little time factor (5-6 minutes).How to do everything correctly and do no harm?

rules of first aid in cardiac arrest

main actions aimed at helping - artificial respiration and chest compressions.Keep in mind, when you can not start resuscitation:

  • If the victim is unconscious, it does not react to their environment, but there is a pulse and breathing.
  • If you suspect that an extensive fracture of the chest to produce the event data can not be!

first aid as defined symptoms of heart failure, in itself includes:

  1. Immediately call emergency services.You must tell your doctor where you are, what the symptoms of the
  2. Then release it from the outer clothing, ensure access of oxygen.
  3. Check pulse, consciousness, pupil response, breathing.If these signs are absent, it is only then you should move on to the resuscitation techniques.

algorithm first aid:

  1. Place the victim on an equal basis.Check the pulse and see if the pupils react to bright light.
  2. head to throw back at an angle of 45 degrees.Airway release from the foam, emesis, blood or mucus, if any.
  3. outdoor massage should alternate with artificial respiration.If resuscitation do two, the ratio of "breath-massage" is 1/5, if one person, then 2/15.
  4. During mechanical ventilation the victim need to open your mouth, pinch your nose.


primary care in cardiac arrest, life-saving quick way - it artificial respiration.It should be one hand to grab the victim's chin, the other to pinch his nose, then gently inject air into the lungs of the victim.The chest with your breath will go up, and if this action does not take place, most likely airway obstruction.

Technique cardiac chest compressions

Before you begin, you need to perform an important action - precordial blow.It is executed once, hit in the breastbone (the middle part of it) with his fist.Compression of the chest - the first emergency care in cardiac arrest, which supports circulation.Salvation lay hands on the victim's chest rhythmically presses on the chest area.Pressing depth of 5 cm, the frequency of - 100 / min.Alternate 30 compressions and 2 breaths.Events focused on automatic startup of the heart muscle.

direct cardiac massage

This procedure can be performed only surgeon in conditions of absolute sterility and antiseptics.The method involves direct contact with a human heart.The doctor literally compresses the body, focusing on the left ventricle, to provide blood flow.The event is combined with artificial respiration or lung ventilator.The overall performance is checked on the testimony of heart rate and ECG.

Video: what to do when sudden cardiac arrest

In the video below anesthetist Institute of Cardiology shows the procedure of first aid at the termination of the heart: heart check the victim and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.After watching this video, you will gain valuable knowledge and learn how to provide the necessary first aid.