How to quickly get rid of a hangover

Fun evening can lead to consequences not the most pleasant in the morning.If you at least once faced with the phenomenon of a hangover, you know about how to eliminate it.But how to get rid of a hangover, if after a few hours of work?In this case, the aid will come a whole range of measures aimed at eliminating the effects of a good night out.

Reasons morning hangover

the morning hangover occurs for several reasons:

  • Severe poisoning organism.Once in the body, alcohol begins to decay process that releases toxins that enter the bloodstream and triggers the emergence of toxins.The most dangerous are whiskey, tequila, rum and vermouth.These drinks have a strong influence on the liver, because it has to recycle not only alcohol, but also other impurities.
  • Dehydration causes severe hangovers.This phenomenon is not triggered by the fact that the body has received an insufficient amount of liquid, and because of its improper distribution.
  • Violation of the proper functioning of brain cells.This phenom
    enon is provoked by acetaldehyde, which is produced in the human body after drinking decay.As a result, the morning of the nervous system is very sensitive - even dim light causes severe irritation.In turn, this leads to a severe hangover.

How to get rid of a hangover and nausea at home?

hangover and nausea that accompanies an unpleasant smell fume, can greatly spoil the mood of the morning.Eliminate these things you will be able not only to medical drugs, but also using the methods of traditional medicine.Many ways very similar to the treatment of poisoning.With the right approach, just half an hour you can get rid of, even from a strong hangover.


main reason for a hangover - it is an intoxication, you can eliminate a variety of ways.To get rid of poisoning, it is necessary to perform the physical removal from the body of poisons - gastric lavage or enema.If you can not, under certain circumstances, to apply these methods, then you should consider other options - receiving pharmacy adsorbents (such as activated charcoal).

The human body itself is able to deduce poisons, but this process will take a long time.You will be able to accelerate it a little bit, if you drink lemon juice (2 pcs.), Diluted with water in equal proportions.To get rid of a hangover, is recommended to drink kvass, cabbage or cucumber pickle, helps to normalize the water-salt balance.

Dairy products relieve hangover.With strong alcohol poisoning will bring relief to the hot tub, contrast shower, sauna, steam bath.These pleasant procedure accelerate detoxification, eliminate dehydration.Once exited toxins come significant relief, clearer minds and pass a headache, a hangover state will begin to pass.


dehydration hangover is accompanied by dehydration, which leads to not the most pleasant sensations.To get rid of it, you can use a few folk effective ways - for example, have a diuretic and fluid at the same time.Perfect plain water and organic coffee or non-alcoholic beer.However, before resorting to a particular method body has to make up the disturbed salt-electrolyte balance (drink a glass of cabbage or cucumber brine, broth oats, plain mineral water).

normalization of the nervous system

As soon as the body of toxins will be withdrawn and replenished fluid balance, it is necessary to rebuild the nervous system, it will remove a hangover attack.Effective drug for getting rid of hangover considered glycine.It is taken every hour (at least 5 times per day) - the tablet is placed in the cheek or under the tongue.

If you do not know how to quickly get rid of a hangover, go to the next popular method - drink non-alcoholic beer or milk.Assist hangover pills that accelerate the withdrawal of alcohol from the body decay products.Beer option to eliminate a hangover should not be used on a regular basis, so as not to go into a long binge.It is advisable after such procedures to stay at home, but if you have urgent business, it is recommended to drink strong tea or organic coffee.

rich breakfast

Not knowing how to quickly and easily get rid of a hangover, you can use not only the above-mentioned funds, but also the following method - a hearty breakfast.Most people experience a morning animal appetite.Even with strong attacks of nausea, to get rid of a hangover, you need to force yourself to eat breakfast.It is recommended to cook an omelet with greens.

Green supplies the body with vitamins, which normalize digestion and freshen the breath.If you feel bad, even the thought of breakfast, eat some sauerkraut brine.This will help strengthen digestion, as well as significantly speed up the process of withdrawal from the body of toxins.A hearty breakfast will eliminate fatigue and give you strength, will help eliminate a hangover.


Easy exercises will relieve even severe hangover.It is necessary to follow a few simple physical exercises, stretching.To some this may seem very hard, but exercise delivers oxygen to the body and gives strength.The benefit will Gymnastics for the eyes - a reason in the eyes of different parties (25 times for each side).Follow the turning of the head.

The best remedy for a hangover and its consequences breathing exercises, which is recommended to do (take a douche) after the adoption of water treatments.Perform a slow, deep breath, as much as possible (at least 6 seconds), hold your breath for a while.Then exhale and slowly follow.After a few repetitions and approaches comes a sense of relief.

Quick Ways to get rid of the bad state of health at work

If the revelry it is necessary to work in the morning, there is an urgent need to find a way to get rid of a hangover to a sense of relief came almost instantly.Eliminate the headaches and nausea help of the above methods, but they do not always help.Come to the aid of modern medications.

tablets from heavy hangover

Healthy and sound sleep relieves hangover, but if you work in the morning, the fastest way - this medication.The pharmacy offers a wide variety of tablets.You will be able to take the drug, designed to eliminate any hangover tonic seizures and pain relievers.Suitable even a simple aspirin, but they can not be abused.

To enhance the effect of receiving such medicinal products, it is recommended to use the same trick - these funds are taking night or several hours before the lift.But not all modern drugs are compatible with alcohol.In the fight against this unpleasant consequence of the feast, you can use:

  • Zoreks - this is one of the most effective drugs against a hangover, it accelerates the process of alcohol oxidation, detoxification of toxic substances his liver.Take 2 capsules per day - the first - in the morning half an hour before meals and drink plenty of water, and the second - during the day, even if you already feel good.
  • Alka-Seltzer - is one of the most effective drugs, which includes in its composition soda, citric acid and aspirin.In order not to suffer from morning hangover necessary to take two tablets in the evening, dissolved in water and the same amount in the morning before meals.The drug helps to get rid of heartburn, headaches, has analgesic effect.

Removing a hangover by using folk remedies?

order not to suffer from a hangover, do not drink at all, but there are times when to avoid the noisy feast with drinks did not succeed.You can easily use any available option from the traditional medicine:

  • time-tested method to eliminate the symptoms of a hangover - tomato, cabbage and cucumber pickle.Therefore, during the feast there are dishes with pickles, sauerkraut, tomatoes and other marinades.These products restore the disturbed electrolyte balance, deduce harmful substances, eliminate the hangover.
  • Dmitry Malyshev advises hangover drink a glass of beer (light only) with the addition of raw egg.The components mix well to form a smooth mixture, drink in one gulp.An hour later, eat a serving of hot borscht.
  • get rid of a hangover will enema decoction of chamomile.This tool is perfectly cleanses the body, eliminates intoxication, gently cleanses the intestines, which quickly makes you feel better.
  • therapeutic cocktail hangover - mix the orange juice (1 tbsp.) Lemon juice (1 pc.), Honey (0.25 v.).All components mix in a blender and immediately drink a glass of the resulting beverage.Within 20-40 minutes there will come a noticeable relief.
  • Take a glass of plain (cool) water and dissolved tincture mint (about 20 drops).The resulting mixture drink slice, small sips.This tool removes the headache, nausea and relieves hangovers attacks.
  • Drink plenty of fluids, it will help remove the hangover attacks.Water contributes to removal from the body of harmful substances and toxins.Mineral water is perfectly restores impaired water-salt balance - Essentuki, mineral water, seltzer (preferably in advance to release gases).
  • quickly get rid of a hangover tomato juice, a little salty - in 1 cup of juice dissolve 0.5 teaspoon salt, drink the medicine in small sips..In the morning is to drink about 1 liter of the drink, and then take a cool shower and relax a bit.
  • Liquid vitamins are best relieve even the most severe hangover - apple, orange, multifruit juice (preferably half-diluted with cold water).Can help vegetable juices that supply the body lost vitamins, minerals.
  • Take a glass of warm milk and dissolve it in black pepper (a small pinch), add the oil of castor oil (2 hours. L.).All good mix, drink small sips.This facility is to drink in the morning, if you plan to spend all day at home and there is no urgent need to quickly remove the hangover attack.
  • One of the best drinks from a heavy hangover considered green tea with honey.Green tea has valuable antioxidants that help to quickly get rid of toxins from the body, and honey contains magnesium, potassium and fructose.After this drink throws in sweat, but do not worry, this is quite a natural reaction of the body - the skin with sweat out products of alcohol breakdown.
  • To get rid of a hangover, drink a cup of tea with rosemary.This drink brings back to normal autonomic system, eliminates the feeling of nausea.
  • Remove stomach irritation helps decoction of mint and chamomile (need to drink in the form of heat).
  • the perfect remedy for a hangover - dairy products (kefir, yogurt, ayran, tan), help cleanse the stomach and intestines.
  • cocktail with bananas helps to get rid of the hangover - using a blender, mix a glass of cool milk and 2 bananas, add 2 tsp..honey.The resulting drink is to drink slowly, in small sips.
  • suit chicken broth To soothe irritated stomach and relieving hangover attacks.Eating a serving of soup, you can forget about the headache.
  • French cocktail quickly relieves hangover - mix the white wine and soda water (in equal amounts), introduce a little bit of lemon juice.The beverage drink immediately.Vitamin C is absorbed much faster thanks to the sparkling water, and diluted wine removes unpleasant symptoms of a hangover.However, this is not recommended to drink abuse.
  • French scientists are advised to get rid of a hangover grapes containing large amounts of antioxidants, promoting active withdrawal from the body of toxins weakened.

If the above methods do not help get rid of a hangover, then try the following tips:

  • excellent help against hangovers pieces of willow bark, which are sold in a pharmacy.We need to take the bark and for some time to chew (at least 3 minutes).
  • cardamom seeds quickly remove the hangover attacks - need to be taken every two hours for a few grains.
  • To get rid of a hangover in the morning take 0.25 h. Tablespoons cumin seeds (single dose).
  • rosemary tea or dandelion quickly eliminates the discomfort of a hangover - pour boiling water resources and insist a few minutes.This broth to drink in one gulp.
  • infusion of mint - fill cup boiling water 1 teaspoon of dry raw materials and insist a few minutes..If you have a severe hangover, drink a drink every few hours.
  • perfect cure for a hangover - honey.Throughout the day in small portions to eat 0.5 cups of honey.
  • mixed herbs Leonurus (2 tbsp. L.) And St. John's wort (1 tbsp. L.).Take the rose hips (4 tbsp. L.) And add the resulting mixture.Raw pour boiling water (1 tbsp.) And leave for 25 minutes.Once the drug infusion, introduce honey (3 tbsp. L.), And take on a strong hangover.
  • Lemon drink - a couple of lemons sliced, pour water (2 L) and boil for 30 minutes.As soon as the drink cools, drink it in small portions throughout the day.
  • Against hangover help and cranberry juice.The composition of cranberries contains vitamin C which is lost rapidly by the body when consuming alcohol.
  • Benefit will bring hot and sweet tea Hibiscus (only freshly prepared).
  • To get rid of a heavy hangover, morning, eat a few bananas.The composition of the fruit contains a large amount of potassium, which is strongly washed away by alcohol.
  • Take a fresh orange juice (200 g), mix it with lemon peel (1 pc.), Lemon juice (1 pc.) And all mix well.Enter honey (100 g).Using a blender, beat shake and drink at once.This drink relieves hangover symptoms after 15-20 minutes.
  • Returns force cup of yogurt mixed with the same amount of mineral water.
  • To get rid of a hangover the next cocktail drink - breed fresh lemon juice (2 tsp..) In mineral water (1 tbsp.) And sugar (1 tsp..).This drink should drink small sips.
  • One ancient and effective remedy for a hangover - ginger.Brew fresh ginger tea and drink hot.Together with the sweat out toxins through the skin.
  • Remove attacks hangover helps a cold compress - lie down on your back and put on the forehead with a towel wrapped ice, leave for 30 minutes.This procedure narrowed vessels in the brain that brings significant relief.
  • During the day, drink a decoction of oats in the form of heat - is the best remedy for the consequences of alcohol consumption.
  • quickly get rid of a hangover cocoa, cooked on the water, you can not add the milk, otherwise not get the therapeutic effect.

to the morning not to suffer from a severe headache and nausea, are advised to take appropriate measures:

  • Approximately 20 minutes before the use of alcohol, it is necessary to drink a glass of cool milk or eat bread and butter.Because of this you will not only avoid a hangover, but not be intoxicated - the wall of the stomach fat are covered with a thin film, which significantly slows down the absorption of alcohol in the blood.
  • Try to alternate alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages, simple mineral water, juices.
  • to the morning not to suffer from a severe hangover, do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach.After drinking alcohol well a snack.

Video Tips: how to come up with a hangover

eve revelry can cause a heavy hangover in the morning, to get rid of that hard, but it is real.To eliminate the effects of alcohol abuse, it is recommended to use the following video tips: