Chlorophillipt for gargling

After an ice cream or a cold soda and already the first signs of a cold.The treatment is widely used hlorofillipt for gargling.Modern medicine offers patients a lot of drugs from almost any disease.The greater demand and confidence are natural products based on herbal ingredients.

Can gargle hlorofilliptom

Chlorophillipt used for gargling in the following diseases:

  • angina;
  • acute-respiratory infections;
  • tonsillitis;
  • laryngitis.

When angina pathogen is Staphylococcus aureus, which manages a natural remedy.Furthermore, it relieves the body of harmful microbes and facilitates the inflammatory process.By purchasing the drug, we can not exclude the possible occurrence of allergic reactions.For this reason, read the instructions of the drug, study its contraindications and side effects.

Children are not prohibited from using hlorofillipta rinse.The reaction may be allergic, but such cases are rare.Before gargling, check the effect on the preparation itself.Drink 7 drops of alcohol solution (0.

25%), diluted with a tablespoon of boiled water.After 6 hours, you may receive an allergy, then this treatment does not suit you.Used hlorofillipta solution and during pregnancy, but only after consulting your doctor.

Instructions for use for throat

to treat different infections the drug is available in several forms:

  • 1% alcohol solution for topical or oral administration;
  • a 2% oil composition, which treated the affected mucosal surfaces;
  • injection (0,25%)
  • spray for oral administration.

divorce hlorofillipt

The gargle for sore throat, tonsillitis or laryngitis?For direct procedure uses a 1% alcohol solution.Take in the amount of 1 ch. L., Diluted in 100 ml of boiled and cooled water.The proportion is the same for adults and children.To think like a child than a gargle, use a special spray impaired concentration, only 0.2%.By simply pressing agent is sprayed on the mucosa.More stringent method is instillation of antiseptic.Such a method is more effective.

Another form of natural assets - oil hlorofillipt.It does not require mixing with water, because it has other uses.Means lubricate inflamed tonsils in the sky.Gauze swab dipped in medicine, cuticles inflamed surface.With this treatment, children can have an aversion to the smell - it is possible manifestation of allergy.

As gargle

recommendations as gargle hlorofilliptom:

  1. procedure is carried out not on an empty stomach, and after an hour or so after eating.
  2. After a session permitted to eat and drink half an hour to the drug had time to act.
  3. composition is used only once, to a different procedure is preparing a new one.
  4. length of the procedure should be not less than five minutes.
  5. solution is not swallowed.Its function - rinse the throat.
  6. head during the procedure throws back back and try to reproduce the sound "s".So language is pressed against the lower jaw and the drug has a direct access to the tonsils.The process is particularly interesting for children who are more willing to perform the procedure.
  7. Apply medication four times a day.


Tatiana, 43 years

alcoholic solution always in the home medicine cabinet.Angina - this is not all that it can be cured.Tortured stomatitis or simply burned mucosa - hlorofillipt help around quickly and efficiently.I am treated them with 20 years and I do not regret.I advise everyone.

Svetlana, 25 years

My son aureus has caused not only a sore throat, but also the "Zayed" - cracks in the corners of the lips.The doctor has written us a lotion based on hlorofillipta.On the first day in the evening I noticed that have dried crusts, redness passed.It is against the background of treatment with the same means of sore throats in children.Since then, always I use and advise all his friends mums.

Galina, 53 years

My daughter is a teenager constantly suffered from tonsillitis.Tonsils inflamed and painful.All the time saved hlorofillipt to rinse sore throat, although at first were suspected allergy.We checked at the doctor - it is not confirmed.over time, the disease has receded.I advise!