Frequent palpitations

Many people do not pay absolutely no attention to the fact that sometimes their rapid heart beat strongly, but it is wrong.Tachycardia - a serious problem, the consequences of which could be very dangerous for the health.Heart palpitations are not there for no reason, and almost always indicates some failure in the body.Each person is useful to know why the case tachycardia, and most importantly, what to do with this phenomenon.

Causes of palpitations

There are lots of reasons for your heart was beating faster.Not always a pathology, there are cases in which the so-tachycardia body reacts to congestion, fatigue, stress or fear.If you frequent the heartbeat is not associated with any event, it is likely to have a pathological character.To find out the reason that caused the tachycardia, it is necessary to take into account a person's age, lifestyle, assess the many other factors.


In humans, young or middle-aged physiological frequent palpitation arises because:

  • increased physical a
  • heat;
  • elevated temperature;
  • stress or nervousness;
  • long walk;
  • lifting up the stairs;
  • alcohol, energy, strong tea or coffee;
  • overeating;
  • taking certain medications.

Pathological frequent palpitations occur when:

  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • infections;
  • anemia;
  • neurological changes.


in infants under two months of frequent palpitations considered normal due to certain characteristics of the organism.If later the tachycardia does not pass, it is possible that impaired myocardial metabolism.In addition, frequent palpitations can be a reaction to the temperature changes, prolonged crying, too rapid growth and other physiological characteristics.More serious causes of tachycardia - a problem with the central nervous system or heart disease.

For school-age child or adolescent is isolated completely different factors that trigger symptoms.As a rule, the heartbeat becomes rapid due to emotional or physical stress.Nearly children are constantly under stress, they periodically because of tachycardia.Also, frequent palpitations manifested in them in the process of puberty.Tachycardia child's body may respond to iron deficiency, and diseases of the endocrine system.

When pregnancy

main causes palpitations in expectant mothers are considered:

  1. Natural changes in the body.Continuous fetal growth has a significant impact on the internal organs, including the heart.However, hormonal changes it is quite capable to strengthen the heart.
  2. Stress.Every woman in expectation of a miracle is experiencing a lot of fears.She is experiencing how will labor and will not have a baby any abnormalities.In addition, many people can not come to terms with the changes of your body.All this leads to tachycardia.
  3. Fatigue.The long walking tour or travel on the stairs, and in the later stages, even cleaning the apartment can cause heart palpitations.
  4. Lack of iron in the blood.
  5. drugs Reception.Palpitations body sometimes reacts to the vitamins prescribed by the pregnant woman, or rather to their overabundance.In addition, tachycardia often causes allergic to components of the preparation.
  6. Excessive weight gain.Many women during pregnancy begin to eat too much as a result of gaining more kilos than acceptable.This creates an additional burden on the heart.Because there is heart palpitations.
  7. placental abruption, sepsis, ectopic pregnancy.
  8. endocrine diseases or cardiovascular systems.Previously identified diseases sometimes occur during fetal development, causing tachycardia.

Norma heart rate of a healthy person

This figure depends on a huge number of factors.Among them:

  1. Age.The older a person becomes, the calmer heartbeat.
  2. Paul.The rate of the heartbeat is higher for women than for men.
  3. condition of the body.If a person is actively involved in sports, the heart rate will be lower than the one who ignores the exercise.
  4. growth.What are you up, the more often you have palpitations.
  5. time of day.The lowest rates are recorded immediately after waking up and before going to bed.

Average heart rate at different ages (in beats per minute):

  • in infants up to a month - 110-170;
  • babies up to years old - 103-161;
  • in children up to two years - 93-153;
  • in preschool children (6-7 years) - 77-117;
  • children from 7 to 12 years - 67-102;
  • adolescents up to 15 years - 54-94;
  • an adult from 15 to 50 years - 60-80;
  • in the elderly over 50 years 65-90.

There are not the most successful periods for measuring the heart rate.This should not be done during menstruation or in a state of extreme hunger.Do not measure your heart rate, if you recently:

  • engaged in sports or mental work;
  • tightly eaten, took drugs or drank alcohol;
  • took a relaxing bath, a massage;
  • sex;
  • overcooled or vice versa, overheated;
  • spent a sleepless night.

diseases caused tachycardia

As mentioned above, the heartbeat can be speeded up by pathological reasons.This includes a number of diseases.The heartbeat of 100 beats per minute is necessary to consider tachycardia.When you are sure that none of the physiological causes of the possible, preferably to see a specialist in this matter.If you are sick, specialist diagnose and prescribe treatment that will eliminate the cause tachycardia.

At normal pressure

With increased

under reduced

  1. dystonia.
  2. problems associated with endocrinological system.Increased hormone levels affect the heart rate.
  3. Cardiac disorders.These are myocarditis, pericarditis, ischemia, rheumatism.
  4. infections.
  5. Intoxication.
  6. Anemia.Whatever its form is observed palpitations.
  7. Myasthenia gravis.
  8. Diseases of the respiratory system.
  9. Purulent and inflammatory processes.
  10. Oncology.
  1. Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  2. Stress and other problems of the nervous system.
  3. Diseases of the thyroid gland, for example, hyperthyroidism.
  1. loss of blood in large quantities.
  2. shock.The nature of its origin can be any.
  3. dystonia.
  4. Severe dehydration.
  5. Acute inflammation of any internal organ.
  6. abuse alcohol.
  7. Atherosclerosis.In this disease, the blood vessels are closed.
  8. diabetes.
  9. Avitaminosis.
  10. number of heart disease.We are talking about the weakening of the heart muscle, pericardium, embolism.

When to see a doctor

If you notice that the heart began to beat faster, but no other symptoms and no condition improved after a few minutes of rest, then do not panic badly.But some effects, such as palpitations and shortness of breath, should cause you great concern.If one of these symptoms or more accompanied by tachycardia and condition does not improve within a few minutes, then immediately call an ambulance:

  1. Vertigo.It is often accompanied by severe headache, severe weakness.Some even feel sick.
  2. Shortness of breath and palpitations.If you find it hard to breathe and you feel as if someone is stuck in the throat, it is a cause for panic.
  3. chest pain.Impaction in the heart area.Sometimes there is a feeling that the body is really strikes hurt his ribs and overly loud knocks.
  4. palpitations directly after a meal.
  5. Tremors in the body.
  6. Excessive sweating.

What to do with a strong heartbeat

preferably at tachycardia resort to the help of the doctor, that he recommended treatment.But if an attack of palpitations occurred, and the possibility to call an ambulance not, try taking the following drugs:

  1. Valerian.You can buy pills, pills or tincture with tachycardia.It slows down the heart rate, but in some people causes excitement and anxiety.Accepted tachycardia courses for 45-60 days, and only then gives stable effect of slowing down the heartbeat.
  2. Hawthorn.Inexpensive and effective tincture.
  3. «Persen."It has a calming effect when tachycardia, improves appetite.Allowed to drink when palpitations are not more than two months.
  4. Motherwort.It promotes normalization of heart rate.His release tablets and tinctures.The minimum duration of the course of treatment at a rapid heartbeat - three weeks.
  5. «Diazepam".The sedative drug used in tachycardia.It is also called "ì".There are tablets and vials for injection.You can not drink for a long time, to combine with alcohol and appoint themselves independently.
  6. «Etatsizin".Very good cure tachycardia.
  7. «Anaprilin".Appointed with a strong heartbeat and nervousness.
  8. «Flecainide."The tool is used for the treatment and prevention of tachycardia.Good help reduce heart rate.
  9. «Phenobarbital."It acts slowly all other medicines tachycardia.Undesirable combined with other drugs.

Alternative medicine is not very effective in the treatment of tachycardia.When a patient for various reasons, can not receive pharmacological agents from heart palpitations, it's worth a try are folk remedies for tachycardia at home:

  1. Crush hawthorn and motherwort and mix five tablespoons.The resulting mixture pour a half liter of boiling water and let the infusion of about seven to eight hours.Strain tachycardia and drink 10 ml three times per day.
  2. Motherwort, valerian root, anise fruit and tysyacheletnik mix in the ratio (2: 2: 1: 1).This mixture of herbs need to pour a glass of boiled water.The infusion of cool for half an hour, strain.A glass of drink per day in three divided doses.Try to collect from the treated tachycardias two months.
  3. Take a dozen lemons, honey and a liter of 10 heads of garlic.Citrus peel with mince.Garlic press down.Mix all this with honey, insist week in a sealed container.Eat four times a day for 15-20 grams.The course of treatment is 60 days tachycardia.
  4. Mix in equal parts honey and the juice of black radish.Eat three times a day for 1 st.l.during the month.
  5. Mix a pound of honey and frayed lemons, almonds or apricot kernels.Eat every morning and evening tablespoon of weight.Take a tachycardia three weeks.
  6. Mix 0.25 kg walnuts and dried fruits.The more varied will be set last, the better.Pour 300 ml of honey.Add one lemon, passed through a meat grinder together with the crust.Eat this mixture three times a day between meals.

Video: how to calm heightened heartbeat

If you, too, had fits of tachycardia, see the following video below.It really explained in detail why there palpitations and how to avoid this problem.You will learn how to reduce the frequency of heart rate, familiar with preventive measures.After watching the movie you will see that the cause of tachycardia certainly need to install and remove.