Inhalation of dry cough

We are all accustomed to the fact that with the advent of cold weather often ill, and a symptom of the common cold is the most common?This cough, which at the beginning of the disease is very dry, which gives a person the discomfort.Than to treat this symptom?Proved to inhalation dry cough with various additives.The instructions below will help you choose the equipment and carry out the procedure correctly.

inhalation What to do when a dry cough

The first signs of this symptom is discomfort and itching in the area of ​​the larynx.Man feels the constant urge to cough.In addition, evidence of impending disease are general malaise, fever and headache.The therapeutic and prophylactic use inhaled by coughing, which helps in the initial stage to eliminate unpleasant symptom.Such procedures are of several kinds:

  1. Steam inhalation is treated with dry cough due to penetration of hot steam bronchi.Passing through the respiratory tract, it reduces the inflammation of the mucous membrane, improves blood c
    irculation, promotes the formation and discharge of phlegm.This is a more familiar way of inhalation, when you just need to cover with a towel over a basin or pan of boiling water.The additives may make herbal infusions or essential oils.
  2. Wet inhalation of dry cough are appointed for serious illnesses such as bronchitis, laryngitis.Based on these procedures aerosol spray particles which fly at high speed into the airway, and then deposited in the alveoli in small bronchi.In such preparations may contain antibiotics, hormones, immunomodulatory or mucolytic agents.Inhalers are handheld, compressor or ultrasound.
  3. Thermo-inhalation is used when you cough more often than other species because the medicine penetrates deeper into the mucosa of the lungs and bronchi.For the procedure developed special inhalers, which have become popular in the treatment of bronchitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis.These devices is carried out with saline inhalation in dry cough.
  4. Oil inhalation cover the bronchial mucosa thin protective film.Oils used in the procedure have expectorant, anti-inflammatory action.

What do inhalation at a dry cough

Since cough has different origins, the preparations for inhalation are different, too.This may include the following drugs:

  1. Widening the trachea, larynx and bronchi, ie,bronchodilators "Ventolin" "Berotek" "Atrovent" "Berodual".
  2. facilitates expectoration - mucolytics "Ambrobene", "Acetylcysteine", "Bronchipret", "Lasolvan", "Pertussin", "Mukaltin".
  3. Anti-inflammatory: "Propolis" "Budesonide", "kromogeksal", "Rotokan," "Marigold", "Pulmicort".
  4. cough "Lidocaine", "Tussamag".
  5. antiseptics "Miramistin", "Furatsilin", "Chlorophillipt".
  6. Antibiotics: "INH", "gentamicin."
  7. stimulates the immune system, "Interferon," "sodium Dezoksiribonukleinat".
  8. Humidifiers mucosa: alkaline mineral water, saline solution, a solution of baking soda.

Even dry cough may have some specific symptomatic characteristics, so choose to treat these or other drugs that are more suitable for a particular disease.There are a number of recommendations in this regard:

  1. Bronchodilators are used both in the dry and in the wet cough to remove the breathing spasms and make way for the expectoration.
  2. As the resolution of the disease cough dry crosses in the wet, so the order of application of funds until the recovery is: moisturizing, bronchodilators, mucolytic agents, antiseptics and antibiotics.
  3. use of herbal infusions may at any cough, but only with steam inhalation, nebulizer because of them go bad.
  4. inhalations with essential oils are used exclusively for dry cough, provoked laryngitis, pharyngitis and tracheitis, as esters envelop the mucous thin film, relieving cough only for a while.


Saline - are mixed in certain quantities of water and salt.With proper inhalation damage to mucous becomes a place of settling particles of the drug, which facilitates expectoration and improves overall health.Saline is used more for breeding inhalation drugs or herbal concoctions that you can not pour over boiling water, because of this, their useful properties are reduced.The cost of the solution is low, and you can buy it at any pharmacy, but also to prepare yourself, too, is not prohibited:

  1. Take 10 grams of the finest salt.
  2. Dissolve it in 1 liter of boiling hot water, filtering the pre it.
  3. view of the fact that self-prepared solution is not sterile, storage life all day.

to saline is recommended:

  1. Steam inhalers, but medicine can only reach the upper respiratory tract.
  2. nebulizer for inhalation bottom of the respiratory tract.

procedures on the basis of normal saline is used even for the kids, but it is necessary to monitor the temperature of the drug:

  • infants and children not older than 3 years - up to 30 ° C;
  • if the child is between 3 and 4 years - no more than 40 ° C;
  • for children 4 years have passed the threshold - up to 52 ° C.

procedure is performed in stages:

  1. Heated to the desired temperature, the solution must be poured into the nebuliser.Enough of 3-4 ml.
  2. Within 2-3 minutes to carry out inhalation cough.
  3. Do not give food or fluid for at least half an hour after the procedure.

With soda

This simple tool, like soda, there in the kitchen at any housewife, and it is not only used for cooking or cleaning cups of plaque, but also for the treatment of cough of any form: dry, wet orallergic.Procedures carried out the old-fashioned method of using a kettle or pan, but it is more convenient to use the nebulizer.Inhalation spend one and a half hours after a meal:

  1. Mix 0.5 tsp..soda and 200 ml of slightly cooled after boiling water.
  2. Pitch of the cardboard tube, take it in your mouth.
  3. cover with a towel over the pan or use the kettle, then the tube is not necessary.
  4. to medication was effective effect, make sure that the cervical spine is not shy about anything.
  5. After completion of inhalation refrain from eating, drinking, talking for about an hour.
  6. Do not use boiling water, so as not to burn the respiratory tract.
  7. at temperatures above 37.5 ° C inhalation cough contraindicated.

mineral water

Mineral water is better to use a nebulizer for inhalation.Water should not choose any, but one in which the least minerals, such as:

  • alkaline water "Borjomi" and "Essentuki";
  • water "Staraya Russa" with sodium chloride in the composition.

The main thing you need to remove the gas bubbles, leaving the bottle open for a night or stir with a spoon in a glass.If you use a special nebulizer, then you just need to fill in his capacity of water and inhale the vapors for 10 minutes.In the absence of the device, use the following method:

  1. Pour water into a saucepan, heat to about 50 ° C.
  2. Arm yourself with a towel, cover it over a saucepan and spend inhalation from a dry cough.
  3. Inhale steam about 8 minutes.
  4. recommended to perform up to 3 times per day.

With lasolvan

main component Lasolvan - ambroxol hydrochloride, which has several effects:

  • quickly clears the respiratory tract;
  • facilitate sputum discharge;
  • effectively displays the mucus from the lungs and bronchi;
  • enhances the effect of antimicrobial agents.

To perform inhalations with lasolvan need to adhere to the following instructions:

  1. drug in its composition contains a large amount of sodium, so you have to be a normal reaction to this trace element.
  2. Lasolvan mixed in a ratio of 1: 1 with a solution or other physical non-alkaline neutral liquid.
  3. temperature heating medications should not exceed body temperature.
  4. Observe the daily dose: for adults it is equal to 8 ml, and for children - 4 ml.In
  5. day to hold up to two treatments, using 2 ml each.
  6. After 5 days, go to the doctor, if the positive trend is not observed.

With berodualom

This medication bronchodilator action.Indications for use are bronchial asthma, cough, bronchitis suffocating.The tool helps to release fluid from the bronchi, expanding them.In humans, it is easier coming off the accumulated mucus.It means produced in the form of a solution or spray.For inhalations should be diluted Flomax physical solution.The final amount of the drug for inhalation should be equal to 4 mL.Proportions determines specialist depending on the weight, age and severity of coughing.Spray is injected 3 times twice a day, it is necessary: ​​

  1. Remove the packaging protective cap, put the mouthpiece in your mouth.
  2. Exhale and press the bottom of the balloon, inhaling the drug.
  3. little to hold your breath, pull out the mouthpiece, breathe.

rules of the procedure at home

There are some general rules for inhalation of steam:

  1. procedure should be conducted in a quiet environment.
  2. inhalation and exhalation should be done slowly.If you experience dizziness, you should suspend the procedure for a while.
  3. cardboard tube length or cone must not be less than 30 cm to mucosa of the respiratory tract is not affected.
  4. clothes is better to choose a free, to the chest was not cramped conditions.

When using the nebulizer, observe the following instructions:

  1. Wash hands, assemble the apparatus.
  2. heated to a specified temperature means pour in unit capacity.
  3. Close the lid.
  4. Install a facemask or a mouthpiece.
  5. Connect the appliance compressor.
  6. including the compressor, begin to breathe the medicine.
  7. complete the procedure, turn off the compressor and disconnect it from the nebulizer.
  8. Wash all the elements of a 15% soda solution.
  9. boil of the unit, dry them with a clean cloth wrap for storage.


Regulations for inhalation in dry cough in a child look like this:

  1. between treatments and meals is necessary to sustain a break of at least half an hour for babies up to six months, and 1 hour to children 6 years of age.
  2. After inhalation not give the child food and drinks for about an hour.
  3. inhaling fumes Time for children should not exceed 3 minutes.
  4. adult must stay with the child, to protect it from burns.
  5. If inhalation of the drug in the child appeared cough that, you need to finish the procedure.
  6. not carry out the procedure at elevated up to 37.5 ° C temperature.
  7. After inhalation, hold the baby in a reclining state on your lap or on a high pillow.


Inhalation for adults, too, has a few simple rules.Also contraindications elevated temperature is necessary to watch that the water was not hot, and the time of inhalation of vapors do not exceed 10 minutes.Leans too far over a saucepan with steam inhalation is also not worth it.After the procedure to limit conversations, eating and be sure to change into dry clothes.Cooking medicine should be immediately before the session and use only once.


Even a harmless way to treat dry cough has its contraindications:

  • temperature of 37.5 ° C;
  • tendency to bleeding from the nose;
  • circulatory disorders of the brain;
  • ischemia of the heart;
  • hypertension;
  • allergy to drugs used;
  • individual response to drugs;
  • severe stage of heart failure or lung;
  • purulent tonsillitis;
  • pneumothorax;
  • expressed clinical picture of arrhythmia.

Video: how to do inhalation nebulizer

indispensable tool for inhalation in each house became a nebulizer - inhaler cough and runny nose for a short time eliminating airway problems.For the medical procedures used medicinal solutions that are not characterized by the creation of small particles.Inhalation nebulizer carried out with the use of antibiotics for dry cough, herbal tinctures, mucolytics or gormonosoderzhaschih drugs, but how to use this device, you can learn from the useful video clip below.