How to treat hypertension folk remedies

Nontraditional methods of treatment of hypertension used long before the creation of synthetic drugs.The pressure was lowered as the radical bloodletting and leeches application and softer means of aromatherapy and phytotherapy.Hypertension Treatment folk remedies at home is still valid and now.Use recipes efficient natural potions that will become an alternative to pills and injections.

How to treat hypertension in the home folk remedies and methods

action of pharmacological agents is similar to the effect of natural resources: the removal of vascular spasms, improve blood flow, blood thinning, stimulating the kidneys, soothing effect.For the treatment of hypertension folk remedies at home there are a number of contraindications, it is reasonable to apply them only after consulting a doctor.

Herbs from

pressurized advantage of herbal medicine for hypertension is in its universality.Herbs can drink regardless of the limitations of the disease, its severity.The only contraindication is intol

erant person specific components of plants, and for the effective treatment of hypertension - the duration of reception herbal.With the disease successfully cope plants having vasodilator, sedative, diuretic, regulatory action:

  • chokeberry;
  • cranberries;
  • marigold;
  • cumin;
  • motherwort;
  • balm;
  • raspberries;
  • valerian;
  • knotweed;
  • birch;
  • dill;
  • arnica;
  • cottonweed;
  • barberry;
  • shepherd's purse.

For preparation of medicinal infusions, tinctures used fruits, seeds, stems and leaves of plants.Resistant effect of treatment provides a combination of herbs with different effects, so it is reasonable to use ready-made pharmacy charges from hypertension, which complied with the proportion of drug components.With a view to the prevention of hypertension, you can add herbs in tea, to use them for bathing, apply the essential oils with aromatherapy.

Garlic Garlic

ability to prevent the oxidation of cholesterol explains its efficacy in the treatment, prevention of high blood pressure.He also thins the blood, which prevents adhesion of blood cells, the formation of clots, blood clots, clogging blood vessels.Eating garlic normalizes coronary blood flow, stimulates the myocardium nutrition.The easiest recipe for medicinal drug for hypertension:

  1. grind in a meat grinder three large heads of garlic and the same amount of fresh lemons.
  2. Lemon garlic mass pour 1.5 liters of the boiled water.
  3. Leave a drug for a day in the dark.
  4. While medicine insisted several times to mix it.
  5. Strain the infusion, drink a tablespoon to your morning, afternoon and evening meals, the drug is not over.

Features hypertension treatment using traditional medicine

Treatment of hypertension with herbs and garlic - are not the only methods of traditional medicine.To address specific problems that arise in this pathology, using the juices of fresh fruits and vegetables, making inhalation, apply lotions and rubbing.The purpose of the proposed methods - to stop a headache, relieve vascular spasms, reduce dizziness, nausea accompanying hypertension.

Folk remedy

high pressure impregnated vinegar piece of cloth laid on the forehead, it acts as an ambulance for hypertension.Effective treatment of high blood pressure and other means, which use 20 ml several times a day:

  • a mixture of honey with lemon pulp, grated horseradish, carrots and beet juice, infused 4:00;
  • minced lemon, mixed with a snowball, and honey;
  • honey mixed with lemon juice and sparkling mineral water.

Treatment of hypertension grade 2

This pathology is the most common type of hypertension is characterized by a persistent increase in pressure, accompanied by dizziness, swelling of the feet, irritability, pain in the temples.Get rid of these manifestations of hypertension helps:

  1. Juice of raw beets is diluted with water at a ratio of 5: 2.Take in the morning, immediately after waking up.A suitable single dose - about half of the drug glass.
  2. 200 ml of honey mixed with crushed lemon (whole fruit with the peel), a teaspoon of ground hips and dining room - cranberry.Healing mixture taken after waking and at bedtime.A suitable single dose - a tablespoon.

How to remove the intracranial pressure at home

determine the intracranial pressure alone can not, therefore, to use traditional methods of its reduction is possible only after the official statement of the diagnosis.If the doctor has not designated contraindications for receiving medicinal herbs, use recipes medicinal tinctures, relieves headaches, reducing the amount of accumulated CSF, improve cerebral circulation:

  1. two weeks insist on vodka clover flowers (full half-liter bank of dry grass, flooded up to the top).Take aqueous strained infusion (spoon on half a glass - daily rate) during the month.
  2. spoon of dry lavender on 2 tbsp.boiling water.Insist hour, taken once a day for 20 ml.

Reduce intracranial pressure helps massaging bedtime preheated lavender oil in whiskey, periodically wiping the ears in cold water for a day.Efficiency and safety in hypertension inhalation Lavrushka.25 leaves pour 2 tbsp.boiled water for five minutes, then breathe vapors laurel, leaning over the tank, wrapped head with a towel.

Video recipes on the pressure treatment of folk remedies


Anna, 56 years

For many years I was tormented by hypertension, until I learned about the miraculous medicine garlic.I'm preparing myself every season a mixture of garlic with lemon.After two courses of treatment have ceased to attack hypertensive crises, and a year later I had forgotten what hypertension.I recommend to all suffering from high blood pressure is a simple yet effective means.

Gennady, 61 years

on most tablets on the pressure I'm allergic, so try different folk remedies for hypertension.Garlic and iodine should not be taken because of gastritis, but the grass perfectly helps.I buy at the pharmacy special charges from hypertension, drink for two months, then me.I best help the mixture in which there is hawthorn and valerian.Often I do vinegar lotion on her forehead.

Irina, 38 years

I thought that the pressure only affected older people, but in the 30 years she became hypertensive.To treat hypertension without drugs start on the advice of his mother, who herself suffers from high blood pressure.For prevention of hypertension taking a bath with oil of lavender and lemon balm drink fitosbory, and a couple of times a year being treated with garlic, honey and lemon.These measures help to keep the pressure is normal.