How to treat flux homes

Flux (. It "flow", "for") - inflammation of the periosteum of the jaw.The official medical name of the disease - periostitis.There is a due to inflammatory diseases of the teeth, and as a result of trauma or infections of internal organs.Onset is always the same - rapidly increasing swelling, tenderness gums.swells suborbital area (if the inflammation from the top, for example, the flux in the sky) a couple of days, or jaw (if inflammation below) and matures abscesses, which causes edema.

How to treat flux at home

How to get rid of flux?This can be done conservatively or surgically.If severe swelling, fever above 38 degrees, so it is necessary to seek medical advice.The dentist will resection purulent cavity, removing the tooth of the patient.Then the doctor will fill a wound antiseptic and prescribe the necessary drugs.If there is no swelling, and there is only slight swelling and soreness, you can try to cure the flux of the house.


Than to treat inflammation of the gums at hom

e?First of all means - antibiotics, they are very effective in the initial stage of an inflammatory process.Medications quickly suppress the progression of the disease, prevent the formation of pus.In more advanced cases antibiotics are used only after opening the abscess, to prevent complications such as sepsis.Just go to the doctor will have all the same - to appoint the drug and to determine the dosage he can only.

folk remedies

Traditional medicine knows many effective and not the most successful methods for the treatment of the flux in the home.Of all the best effect has a mouth rinse all kinds of broths and solutions.For example, a widely known method such as treatment at home soda:

  • take a glass of water, preferably at room temperature;
  • add back one teaspoon of ordinary baking soda;
  • stir;
  • rinse 5 times a day, always after a meal.

Than to treat flux, if soda does not help or can not use it for some reason?Then help medicinal herbs.Broth of them are of considerable assistance in such a burning issue as the treatment of the flux in the home.Excellent help this recipe:

  • take 15 grams of chamomile, sage - 20g, rhizome - 10 g, 1 liter of water;
  • grass mix in deep bowl;
  • boil water, pour boiling water mixture of herbs;
  • cover with a lid;
  • leave for two o'clock;
  • strain and rinse thoroughly at least three times a day.

Features of treatment flux

Treatment flux antibiotic rinses and self-evident.A separate item worth mentioning that when the flux can not be done:

  • Warming sore cheek (tie water bottle, wrap the scarf, even just a warm hand).This can cause increased inflammation and pus to spread over vast areas.
  • Take aspirin - it thins the blood, it contributes to the spread of pus.
  • independently open an abscess - it should be done only by the doctor.

the gums

What if the flux in the gums (it - the dental flux) is haunted?It is desirable as soon as possible to see a doctor.If the inflammation itself has almost no shows, the doctor just prescribe medication.When the process has already started badly, then the treatment will be surgical.Assign the operation to avoid the spread of infection, sepsis and osteomyelitis.Pregnant women are especially important to treat as soon as possible an aching tooth, as a strong focus of inflammation can harm the fetus.Flux Treatment of children at home is unacceptable - an inflammation of the milk teeth only are removed.

on his cheek

Flux - an inflammation of the bone, the focus of which is always at the root of the tooth, but when struck by the last tooth, the process can spread to the cheek, and if the gum is manifested clearly boil, then cheek justswells, increasing in size.The treatment will be affected tooth cleaning, tooth as in flux.The physician will add and means for local treatment of, for example, chlorhexidine or miramistin that will reduce inflammation.

Video on how to quickly cure the flux home

In the video below you will see the different ways of home treatment of teeth and gum disease.Decoctions, ointments, lotions - a great variety of recipes, using only traditional methods do not forget about possible allergic reactions.After watching this movie you will be absolutely sure in their actions in case of acute toothache.