Dining with pyelonephritis

How to help the body to quickly deal with inflammation of the kidneys?What should be done to strengthen the immune system and prevent the progression of the disease?Doctors do their work, as it should: conduct inspection, nominate analyzes will register drugs and will monitor the state.To improve the effectiveness of these measures will help correct diet with pyelonephritis.In a few weeks, or even months, you will have to give up bad products and to focus on useful.Normalize the balance of substances, and strengthening natural defenses, you will be able to overcome the insidious disease.

recommended diet for kidney disease

Depending on what a person eats, his body shows a reaction.In acute pyelonephritis diet should be such that it contains a sufficient amount of useful elements necessary to maintain the internal organs and systems in the normal state.Harmful products that cause adverse effects or, even worse, leading to complications, subject to total exclusion.For each category of people medic

ine gives clear indications about food with pyelonephritis.If for you it is important, read the following sections of the article.


Children's bodies differ from adults in that not all products are correctly perceived by the digestive system.Immature stomach fully copes only with delicate food, while a heavy meal often leads to various disorders.The diet for a child with pyelonephritis should consist of healthy natural foods which are easily digested.In the table below, you will find lists of prohibited and permitted foods:

Approved products

Prohibited products

Kissels / compote / fruit drinks

Heavy fish /mushroom / meat broths

Fruits / vegetables / herbs

Pickles / smoked

Milk porridge

Fried dishes

Lean meat / fish (boiled or cookedsteamed)

Herbs / spices

low-fat dairy products

Onions, garlic

Rye bread

sweets: chocolate, cream cakes

loosely teas

Cocoa, sodas


Even with a serious inflammation of the kidneys of an adult organism maintains high resistance to the most adverse nutritional factors.However, for the quickest recovery diet should be carefully thought out in pyelonephritis.Below is a table that lists all prohibited and permitted foods:

Approved products

Prohibited products

Low-fat dairy products

Preserved / pickled vegetables

steamed / boiled vegetables

Burning seasonings / spices

Dairy cereals (in moderation)


White bread

Legumes (peas,beans)

Sugar (in the minimum amount)

broth broth



Weak herbal teas

Strong tea /coffee

in acute pyelonephritis

Often acute pyelonephritis form is expressed in the progression of inflammation.These phenomena may be due to urolithiasis, hypothermia, and many other factors.This violated the basic functions of the kidneys and the entire urinary system.In addition to the intensive treatment of patients with a diagnosis of "acute pyelonephritis" need the right diet.lists of forbidden and allowed foods in the table below.If the question of treatment of acute pyelonephritis for you is relevant, always write for myself this information:

Approved products

Prohibited products

Kashi, cooked without oil and spices

Grilled / smoked dishes

boiled or steamed lean meat or fish


Ripe fruit / berries

Pickled vegetables

steamed / boiledvegetables

Spicy seasonings / spices

low-fat dairy products


Herbal teas, fruit drinks, fresh juices

cakes / pastries / chocolate

In chronic pyelonephritis

kidney inflammation in chronic phase is characterized by the alternation of remissions and exacerbations.During active disease progression should be fed according to the recommendations described in the previous section.When aggravation subside, to prevent repetition of recurrence require systematic diet for kidney patients.Products that are included in it, as well as the name, which is a long time to forget, are listed in the table below:

authorized products

forbidden foods



Lean meat / fish (fried should be avoided)

rich broth on fatty meat

Boiled / steamed vegetables

High-calorie sweets (cakescream, desserts and cream)

fruits / berries of all kinds





food fromfast food

Natural sugary drinks


Sharp spices / herbs, horseradish (in moderation)

Snacks "beer" (crackers, chips, etc.)


Women during pregnancy in particular should adhere to proper diet with pyelonephritis, we are talking not only about the mother's condition, but also for the health of her child.A woman's body, nurtured in her womb the baby should receive a large amount of natural nutrients, so all harmful products clearly be excluded.The table below shows what can be and what can not be used for pregnant women with pyelonephritis:

Approved products

Prohibited products

Berry fruit drinks

Productsfrom fancy pastry

Natural jelly

Fatty cream cakes, cakes, chocolate

Boiled vegetables

Fat meat / fish

Light milk porridge

Liquor (is strictly prohibited!)

Black bread (yesterday)


lean fish / meat (boiled or steamed)

Smoked / fried food

Vegetarian soups

Spicy dishes

Sample menu diet with pyelonephritis

Nutrition for kidney disease should be varied so that the body did not feel deficiency of certain mineral elements.To ensure this, you need to properly plan the diet, alternating the use of permitted foods and ways of cooking.The table below describes approximate menu for each day, which offers several options of dishes, desserts and drinks:


Side dishes



1st breakfast

Milk semolina

soup vegetables

Steamed vegetables

Salad vegetables

Sandwiches with butter and cheese

cheese casserole

wafer cookies

Vanilla wafers





2nd breakfast

Serve mashed potatoes

Serve dumplings


Boiled fish

Easy omelette

Boiled chicken

Dietary yogurt

Cottage cheese with sour cream and sugar





Portionborscht with lean meat

Cabbage stew with chicken

Pasta with doctoral sausage

Steam cutlets

Boiled lean fish

meat chicken roll


Half of sweet bread







Light sandwiches with cheese or boiled sausage


Low-fat pudding








Pilaf with lean meat

Steamed vegetables

Oatmeal with gravy

Sandwiches with boiled sausage

Chicken chops with a minimal amount of oil

Fish sticks


Pancakes with honey





Video: diet with acute pyelonephritis

reviewing the video, below,you will learn more about the features of diet in renal inflammation.Recommendations of qualified professionals will help you to avoid serious trouble with health and in a short time to win over pyelonephritis.Use this information to learn how to control a dangerous disease!