Hypoallergenic diet

Allergy - non-standard reaction to any impact of external factors.At its manifestations on the skin it can be assumed that the cause of the disease are foods, because along with the anti-allergic drug, as a rule, appointed a special diet.Sometimes it is difficult to determine the causative factor, so avoid anything that may provoke allergies.Often there is a diet at an allergy to the protein, honey, chocolate or citrus.What you need to take to be healthy?

Types hypoallergenic diets

If a person there is only allergic to foods, will help normalize the situation antiallergenic diet, although it is perfectly appointed for all types of the disease.Diet is assigned in the first month of breastfeeding, when it is not known whether there is an allergy to food products in the newborn.You should take particular care if the family were observed symptoms of sensitivity to various stimuli.In this case, observe a diet for over a month.

for lactating mothers

During breastfeeding women appointed compliance

hypoallergenic diet in such cases:

  • at diathesis or other skin diseases in infants;
  • in the presence of gastrointestinal disorders in a child: gone over inherited pathology of digestion and absorption of food, congenital abnormalities;
  • in the first month of life, when the body of the newborn is unknown reaction to foods that trigger food allergies;
  • in hereditary burdening allergological (when the disease affects one or both parents).


allergy observed in all parts of the world.This is due, most likely, with the technology of food industry - used many additives (emulsifiers, colorings, preservatives).Children's allergy is of particular concern to parents and limitations lead to confusion, since seem overwhelming.But to introduce food diet should not be for prevention: it is fraught with the risk of allergy to foods is increasing, because the immune system is able to work out if they are eaten.Diet for people with allergies need if:

  • have a rash on the skin of the child (from diathesis and cold urticaria to eczema and neurodermatitis);
  • gastrointestinal disorders;
  • diseases of the upper respiratory, hay fever;
  • frequent colds.


An adult often refers to his own allergic manifestations lightly, oblivious to the fact that the disease causes not only many skin diseases, and angioedema, bronchospasm, anaphylactic shock.To treat allergies in adults is as important as that of the children.Observed hypoallergenic diet hives and in the following cases:

  • allergies caused by food - in this way it is possible to reduce the effects of stimuli on the body, to determine what was the cause of the disease, further eliminating the factor entirely;
  • period of acute diseases caused by other factors: dust, ragweed, animal dander, mold, pollen of birch, etc.

Menu for the week

When the disease (especially if the allergen is unknown) by doctors appointed by elimination diet, which distinguishes prohibited, restricted and permitted foods: the list is presented in the table below.The duration of the diet depends on the characteristics of the patient - the children appointed to 7-10 days, adults - 2-3 weeks, breastfeeding women - for a month or more.It is also important to drink the desired drink.

Prohibited limited number Allowed



yoghurt with additives;

meats (sausage, meat, fish);


sauces, mayonnaise;

dried fruits and nuts;


chewing gum;

red and orange vegetables, fruits and berries;




carbonated beverages;

coffee, cocoa;


chocolate, jellies, caramel;

dishes with preservatives, dyes, emulsifiers

herbal teas;

meat: pork, horsemeat, crawl, turkey;

wheat, rye;




green pepper;

currant (black, red);







natural milk products;

lean meat and fish;

bread rice, corn, buckwheat;

cereals: semolina, oats, rice, barley;

sunflower, olive, butter;

fruits and vegetables are low in histamines;

non-carbonated mineral water;


weak tea;

broth hips

diet with food allergies

If you studied the list of prohibited and permitted foods, but it was unclear food allergies on the skin in adults, pay attention to diet menu with food allergies:

Weekday breakfast Brunch Lunch Dinner
Monday Rice porridge, green apple Kefir Steamed vegetables, rye bread Boiled veal, vegetable salad
Tuesday millet gruel on the water with prunes tea, cheese boiled potatoes, vegetable salad Braised crawl, frayed boiled zucchini
Wednesday apple, cheese Smoothies and fruit puree vegetable soup Cutlets steam, coleslaw and cucumber
Thursday Oatmeal Tea with cheese Stewed vegetables with meat vegetable soup
Friday Fruit salad (pearapple), cottage cheese Baked apple pistou Cod with vegetables
Saturday Rice porridge on the water with prunes Kefir Vegetable soup Chicken with vegetables
Sunday Yogurt, any permitted fruit Banana barley porridge with vegetables Beef with vegetables

When allergy symptoms gradually go away, the menu list is added to one product every three days (rotational diet) - this is due to the accumulationhistamines substances in the body, which reaction appears later.When an allergy to cow's milk diet requires exceptions and dairy products.In drawing up the recipes need to remember that it is important not only to exclude from the diet of unwanted food, but also to make a table full, balanced.

-Free Diet by Ado

ADAdo has made his personal method by which dietary allergy treatment continues until until symptoms abate.The basis of the power according to his opinion should be:

  • boiled beef;
  • soups on cereals and secondary vegetable broth;
  • soaked boiled potatoes;
  • porridge on the water;
  • melted butter, refined vegetable oils;
  • greens;
  • cucumbers;
  • baked apples, stewed fruit;
  • day dairy products;
  • weak tea;
  • sugar;
  • nesdobnoe bread.

Hypoallergenic food at GW

dieting at GW, woman protects the baby from all the products that cause allergies in infants.More recently, doctors have argued that young mothers need to give up the 90% of all fruit and vegetables.Now the doctor is in no hurry to recommend, because they believe that if a woman is not allergic, then stick to a special diet is not necessary.If the risk is, doctors prescribe nursing mothers diet for allergies in the child.

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