Diet for liver disease

identify some diseases can be up to going to the doctor.The most common sign of abnormalities in the liver is the appearance of bitter taste in the mouth.If the diagnosis is confirmed by experts, the patient's diet is sure to change.Diet for liver means eating at least 6 times a day in small portions.Carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, digestible proteins are the main components, which are used during the recovery of the digestive system and the performance of important organs.

diet for liver disease

Nutrition has a direct impact on the functioning of internal organs and human health in general.Serious limitations in the diet involve diseases such as abnormalities in the functioning of the gallbladder, hemangioma, cyst, ascites, hepatic fibrosis.Increase or degeneration of the body, acute postoperative refers to cases when changing the principle of preparation and range of products is necessary for life.Diet food is assigned a specialist, depending on the degree of development of the disease.

products that are recommended to use in case of problems with the liver (diet for pain in the liver):

  • low-fat dairy products;
  • meat, fish with a minimum amount of fat;
  • chicken or quail eggs (in the form of omelet only);
  • vegetables (excluding roughage);
  • fruit;
  • pasta;
  • cereals.

case of deviations in the liver eliminated the following products:

  • fatty meats;
  • rich broth;
  • mushrooms;
  • canned;
  • smoked;
  • some vegetables (roughage contains radish, garlic, sorrel, radish);
  • coffee, cocoa;
  • carbonated beverages;
  • alcohol;
  • confectionery (except marshmallows and marshmallow).

When cirrhosis

Some diseases occur against the background of acute or chronic hepatitis as a result of prolonged use of alcohol.Diet in the treatment of liver cirrhosis after diagnosis assumes that the number of rules.Key recommendations and restrictions apply to methods of cooking.Eat only food steamed or boiled food with a minimal amount of salt.

basic rules of clinical nutrition (diet with increased liver, cirrhosis and other abnormalities):

  • hot and cold dishes in the food you can not eat (food should be warm);
  • dishes baked in the oven are allowed, but pre-cooked products;
  • eat food should be five times a day, every three hours (dinner must be no later than seven o'clock in the evening);
  • meals should be low-fat and liquid consistency;
  • forbidden to use rich broth, fat meat, sweets, nuts, coffee.

When fat gepatoze

Diet for liver steatosis is directed not only to comply with the diet of proper nutrition but also to weight loss.Steatosis (the second name of the disease) is a body of obesity and the presence of excess weight.Purine substances, salt, cholesterol excluded.The dishes are steamed or boiled.The range of permitted and forbidden foods are not different from the traditional recommendations.Diet for fatty liver is combined with the overall therapy.

to clean

liver Fasting days are a period during which it is recommended to reduce physical activity, eating the minimum amount of food, drink more fluids.The basic diet constitute cereals, fruits, vegetables.The amount of salt in the dishes is reduced to a minimum.Diet for Liver cleaning helps prevent violations in its work, the formation of metastases, gepatoza, ascites, and other diseases.

In cancer

Serious liver disease involve important food rule.In cancer, weight loss can be dangerous and lead to complications.Food should be high-calorie, rich in vitamins, and forbidden foods should be excluded."Liver" diet includes five meals (oncological diseases are accompanied by loss of appetite, which is not allowed).

diet menu table number 5 on Pevzner week







bread with cheese, soup based on oats, fruit compote


meatballs fish (steamed), rice (boiled, without salt), compote

glass of milk with a fewbreadcrumbs

glass of buttermilk, salad (with oil)


Semolina, two Art.l.strawberry jam, milk tea

Baked pear

Rice soup, meat steamed

Grated carrots, bathed in warm water

Beet salad, cabbage rolls (steamed)


Semolina pudding, tea

Low-fat cottage cheese, stewed

Pumpkin porridge, carrot salad

Cooked pasta

casserole based on chicken and vegetables


Cheesecakes, milk tea

salad with yogurt, fruit

squash soup, fish steamed

Rice pudding

Beef steamed cabbage salad


protein omelet with vegetables, unsweetened tea


beetroot soup, meatballs steamed

omelet protein

Fish steamed carrot salad


Carrot salad, cottage cheese (with kernels of pomegranate), milk tea

fruit purée

Buckwheat soup, boiled beef, stewed

carrot puree with apple

Meatcouple, berry juice or compote


Oatmeal, fruit compote

vinaigrette, steamed fish

mashed potatoes, steam cutlets, carrot salad

Cooked pasta,decoction of herbal and honey

Pumpkin and apple salad, compote

Videos about diet when sick liver

learn how to carry out cleansing of the body, what foods it is necessary to enter or excluded from the diet,says video.Experts not only advise, but also lead to some exemplary recipes for each day.Diet to restore the liver helps the body to normalize the operation.If you follow all the rules, then a year later in the diet can be administered favorite dishes, which have been banned.


Marina, 40 years : Because of malnutrition I began to have pain in the liver.Ultrasound showed abnormalities in the body of the work, but no serious illnesses were detected.The doctor recommended a diet "Dietary table 5".Six months in compliance with the rules, with the result that became noticeable improvement.Now the pain stopped, but your diet, I'm more seriously.

Alex, 56 years old : Doctors diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver.I thought that it is necessary not only to give up favorite foods, but also to eat tasteless food.Now I keep to a diet, appointed experts.The diet has changed, but he did not so limited, as I expected.Four months to eat right, began to notice that not only the liver has become less trouble, but the whole digestive process returns to normal.

Alevtina, 60 years : Treated cholelithiasis, but there were complications.Ultrasound revealed a stone in the liver.After surgery the doctor recommended a diet change and to avoid certain foods.Pleasantly surprised by the fact that I did not have to give up your favorite foods.It changes their way of cooking.Do steam and cooked options Served with butter.Pleasantly surprised by the variety of recipes, which are before, I did not know.