Gluten-Free Diet

eating scheme, which will be discussed, developed over 120 years ago.The need to create a nutrition program was due to the increasing incidence of celiac disease.Over the past century due to the gluten-free diet have saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.In addition, she has helped many get rid of the extra kilos.Nowadays, it formally recognizes traditional medicine.Nutritionists often prescribed for this scheme harmless diet.Let us discuss in greater detail this topic and find out what is the essence of gluten-free food program.

What is a gluten-free diet

This power supply circuit includes the complete exclusion from the diet products containing in its composition of gluten (gluten).Thanks to a gluten-free diet can be reduced to minimize the allergic reactions of the body and lose weight good.A person suffering from celiac disease and / or excess weight, refuses meal and most varieties of cereals, which are the main sources of gluten, and thereby preserves the balance of substances

in the intestine.

Benefits and harms of diets

positive side of life giving up gluten is simple: sitting on a diet, a person suffering from celiac disease, ensures the safety of your intestines, which are not normally able to perceive gluten.Nowadays, this problem occurs every 150th.Excluding foods containing gluten, it nullifies the chance of an allergic reaction and reduces the total caloric intake.Ultimately, gluten-free diet helps to maintain health and lose weight.

downside lifelong abstinence from gluten is that without cereals and bakery products in the body gets a few times less protein, which is needed to maintain muscle tissue.A person who for the sake of weight loss or recovery powered by a gluten-free scheme, has to compensate for the lack of this element, to use other natural products.

In what used to a gluten-free diet

reasons for the change of diet from the usual can be a little on the gluten-free.Over the past ten years, this power scheme detailed study of experts in the field of nutrition and gastroenterology.During this time it has been scientifically proved that in some cases, abstinence from gluten is a vital necessity.At the moment, the effect of gluten-free food multifaceted interested in the whole planet, so many are experiencing it for yourself for a particular purpose.

Slimming Diet

provided gluten-free program that provides general health benefits and helps to eliminate toxins.In the human body, observe this diet normalizes metabolism and burn extra calories.Also worth noting is that this scheme is not eating involves debilitating hunger strikes.Man uses permitted products without strict restrictions on the number, while noticeably losing weight.A balanced diet saturates the body with vitamins, minerals and other essential trace elements.

When autism

Traditional medicine refers to the mass of the reasons that a gluten-free diet for autism can be very effective.The connection of this disease with food proteins has been established for a long time.Practical experience shows that the exclusion glyutenosoderzhaschih products to some extent block the autism spectrum disorders.This effect is directly related to the decrease in the number of peptides and proteins.

These harmless natural ingredients cause in humans with autism, a number of processes, contributing to mental disorders.Compliance with a gluten-free diet can eliminate these factors.Proper diet diet excluding foods containing proteins, normalizes and stabilizes bowel brain function.

If gluten intolerance or celiac disease

diagnosis of "celiac disease" is established after a series of complex clinical studies.Getting accurate laboratory conclusion, the doctor immediately appoint a transition to a gluten-free diet.By eliminating the causative agent of allergy, the patient immediately blocks all the symptoms and quickly returned to normal.The intestine, which could not handle gluten, is gradually recovering.The disease is "frozen", but does not recede.In order to maintain this delicate balance man must refrain from cereals and bakery products for life.

What can I eat during a diet

By following a gluten-free diet for weight loss or eliminate the symptoms of celiac disease, you give up some of the foods, but can not use strict limits everything else (if there are no other contraindications).In order to optimize the therapeutic effects, scientists have studied in detail the features of the digestive organs of people with autism and increased susceptibility to gluten.On the basis of these studies were conducted separation of foods into two categories: allowed and forbidden.

list of permitted and prohibited foods

Permitted products:

  • rice;
  • corn;
  • buckwheat;
  • homemade cow's milk;
  • natural meat / fish of all varieties;
  • butter / sunflower / olive oil;
  • chicken eggs / quail;
  • vegetables / fruits of all kinds;
  • natural teas, cocoa, coffee.

Prohibited products:

  • barley;
  • semolina;
  • wheat groats;
  • oats;
  • rye;
  • spelled;
  • couscous;
  • bread containing gluten;
  • rich products;
  • crackers, cookies, cakes;
  • pastries of any kind;
  • pasta, gluten-free;
  • canned fruits / vegetables / salads;
  • food from fast food;
  • glyutenosoderzhaschie cereals;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • sweet desserts;
  • soups and quick cooking oatmeal.

Sample menu for a week

If you choose to experience the gluten-free diet for weight loss, to set the start of a week's time.Prepare yourself mentally and stock the necessary products.Each item is provided for the power scheme, one way or another will help to get rid of the ill-fated extra kilos.Try not to swap meals at its discretion.Below is a sample program in detail painted diet for a week:

1st day of gluten-free food scheme:

  • Breakfast - a portion of rice porridge, fresh fruit, gluten-free bread, coffee / tea;
  • Lunch - soup with cheese and spinach, baked piece of chicken breast, boiled potatoes, 110-130 grams of vegetable salad, tea / coffee making facilities;
  • Dinner - half servings of wheat porridge, nuts, diet yogurt / yogurt.

2nd day of gluten-free food scheme:

  • Breakfast - sweet cottage cheese with berries, rice bread, tea with honey;
  • Lunch - low-fat chicken soup, salad of boiled vegetables, a half portion of pilaf, compote / fruit drink;
  • dinner - baked potatoes, 60-70 grams of salmon, yogurt diet.

3rd day of gluten-free food scheme:

  • Breakfast - scrambled eggs with cheese, gluten-free bread, herbal tea;
  • lunch - fish soup, half portions of rice, chicken cutlet, cooked in a double boiler, vegetable salad, fruit drink / juice;
  • dinner - baked pudding with cheese, 400 grams of fruit one kind.

4th day of gluten-free food scheme:

  • breakfast - carrot salad with olive oil, fried cheese, walnuts, coffee / tea;
  • Lunch - vegetable soup, beans in tomato sauce, beef chop, juice / juice;
  • dinner - potato pancakes (on rice flour), fish stew, fresh orange juice.

5th day of gluten-free food scheme:

  • Breakfast - gluten-free cereal with dietary yogurt, two oranges;
  • Lunch - Ukrainian borsch with meat, meatballs, coffee / tea;
  • Dinner - serving of buckwheat porridge with boiled chicken, herb tea.

6th day of gluten-free food scheme:

  • breakfast - pancakes, cooked on a gluten-free flour, honey, yogurt diet;
  • Lunch - chicken cutlet, a portion of rice porridge, juice / juice;
  • Dinner - serving of steamed vegetables with mushrooms, fish baked in foil, diet yogurt, tea.

7th day of gluten-free food scheme:

  • breakfast - cheese cakes cooked on a gluten-free flour, dried fruit, herbal tea;
  • Lunch - soup with cheese and herbs, 60-70 grams of baked fish, half portion of buckwheat porridge, juice / juice;
  • Dinner - boiled chicken, salad vegetables, diet yogurt, fruit compote.

reviews about diet

Inga, 27 years : order not to gain weight during pregnancy, went on gluten-free diet.Friends say it is wrong.My husband also tried to ban, but the doctors said that this diet is not harmful.Every day, I eat almost anything I want, I drink Diet yogurts and feel great.According to test results, the fetus is developing normally.Thanks to a gluten-free food scheme keeps weight within normal limits.

Eugene, 31 years : Friends advised interesting diet, which implies the rejection of products containing gluten.I moved to a new power circuit, and have an 8-day weight recorded a decline of 2 kg.Gluten-free diet program does not limit the amount of portions and number of meals per day, but it normalizes metabolism.Yes, some of the favorite foods had to be abandoned, but the beautiful figure is worthy of such a sacrifice.

Svetlana, 26 years : recently learned how useful can be gluten-free diet for a child with autism.It was found that foods containing gluten are harmful to autistic.They correctly perceived by the body, so the children become withdrawn.He advised his girlfriend.She was inspired by this idea and on the same day transferred her baby on the gluten-free diet.After a month of diet doctors have noted a significant improvement.