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"One day…"

* * * in Antarctica found oil.Bloody regime penguins short time left to torment his people. * * * Why ask "How are you?", If we live in the same country? * * * Leo Tolstoy wrote his novels mascara from Max Factor, and on this they have gained extra volume, length, and expressiven...

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"Fun ? "( Funny sayings , humor , jokes )

* * * two sit in a restaurant and talk: - I do not understand why such a very decent restaurant called "The robbers"? - That will bring you to account - you will understand. * * * met two friends: - How are you? - Sucks!I took a friend 5 thousand dollars on plastic surgery, and now do...

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"What if…?"

* * * If we are committed follies, then pretend that they are ready for winter. * * * If you do not have meat in the refrigerator, cucumber and carrots, do not worry: Russian man accustomed to any combination of products in the salad "Olivier". * * * If no middle ground - it take...

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