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Laugh , do not hesitate !

* * * sit alone to work, be sure to wake up somebody. * * * Bypassing laid rake - you lose precious EXPERIENCE !!! * * * If a man four times coming off the left, then on the geometry of the law, he would return home. * * * Healthy sleep is not only prolong life, but also red...

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Thoughts whisper

* * * Knowledge without evidence gives rise to faith, and knowledge of evidence - doubt. * * * Do you know why a bucket of fire protection boards with sharp bottom?For firefighters, running with these buckets back and forth without stopping for a smoke and a chat! * * * Scientist...

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" We laugh together! "

* * * man reading a book called "How to become the owner of the house."Inspired, he runs to the kitchen, and pokes his finger in his wife: - From this moment on my word - the law!In the evening I cook a sumptuous dinner, and then do the bath so I can relax.PotrĐĹsh my back, and shalt deliv...

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