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Well, very good advice

* * * Leaving children alone in the house, and teach them to answer all calls: - "Mom and Dad are busy.They clean and lubricate the machine gun. " * * * glass eye inserted through the peephole, scare away from your apartment of any thief. * * * When thugs will break out the door ...

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Purely feminine aspects of behavior

* * * woman never takes off shirt, clutching at his back. * * * Women do not scratch their head.Firstly, they do not like to show their confusion, and secondly, it spoils the hair. * * * woman often pulls hair locks, even short, finger or a brush of the hair tickles his cheek.Men...

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* * * At offended carry water!- Yes?A merry chase empty! * * * Wind blows in the head in the first place money from the pockets. * * * Face Mask.Take sauerkraut .. stacked on a plate.Watered vegetable butter.Cabbage is eaten by a glass of vodka ... The face smiles blissfully and ...

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