Interesting Facts

Maslenitsa.Frolic in the glory ( it's fun )

loved in Russia festival "Farewell to winter" - Shrove Tuesday, and therefore is widely celebrated - by the people to this day persist saying "not all cat carnival", "no habitation, and the carnival."This is - the most cheerful, popular and satisfying holiday, which lasts a whole week.If the f...

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Hookah : smoke correctly ( it's fun )

last millennium, when the Russians had just begun to travel abroad, a hookah in Russia could only be obtained if one of the lucky ones, riding the wind in Egypt, returned and brought with him vending in the country of pyramids favors.Well, with a tobacco picked up at the same time.Because if w...

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Marine reptiles opened the season ( it's fun )

It is known that oysters can be eaten only in months whose names have the letter 'r'.So, now, in October, it's time to eat oysters.If you are, of course, you will find fresh oysters in Moscow restaurants.And if not - still do not despair - you can always go for a week to rest abroad, to eat oy...

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