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What 's in a name ?: 10 stellar ways to ruin the life of a child

Celebrities - creative people, sometimes on his head, so that when they have children, and journalists are looking forward to ads name of the newborn - suddenly come out with something original.Sensations happen often, the last example - born December 7th son of Kate Winslet and Ned's rock and...

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Holiday at gunpoint

International Women's Day - an important day.But not only in England.In the modern and progressive English society you can not tell the girl that she looks good, she is hard-working and intelligent, without any risk to be in court on charges of sexism. Compliments British girls need a dog the...

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Another kind of Windsor

Britain rejoices: in the royal family there was one small Windsor.Residents of Albion truly love their monarchs and closely watching the events in their lives.Of course, the newest member of the royal clan did not go unnoticed, not only English, but also the world's press."To Lenta.ru" I have ...

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