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Honey and bee products for facial beauty

All women know absolutely that honey - is not only tasty and healthy.Honey literally gives us beauty, cares about the health of our entire body as a whole and is almost a panacea for some cosmetic ailments. This amazing product can easily penetrate into the smallest pores of the skin, nouri...

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Cell cosmetics

Cellular cosmetics - one of the latest trends in aesthetic medicine, but the attitude to it to date, the female half of the population is ambiguous.Alas, confidence in the safety of the complete cellular makeup yet.Perhaps it is simply a lack of information. Cellular cosmetics - Effective tod...

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Hair coloring.What hair color to choose?

In every woman's life there comes a time when really want to change something in their appearance.The most optimal way - to change her hair or even hair color. The first is to decide what you want to dye your hair, as this will depend on the choice of certain coloring agents: - change the n...

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