Massage Technique For Health And Beauty

Vacuum facial massage

Vacuum massage face - to achieve skin rejuvenation effect, due to the intensification of the blood and lymph systems.Vacuum procedure naturally stimulates the process of regeneration of the skin, so such a method of massage helps to make less noticeable scars and scars. "Vacuum facial massag...

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Train facial muscles

And when they had come, these damn wrinkles when they began to swell my eyes, become flabby cheeks ?! To this did not happen as long as possible, the skin must be regularly assist, manage and without a special "charge for the person."After the systematic training of facial muscles leads to mu...

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Aromatherapy massage

massage beneficial to our organism difficult to overestimate, and massage has a double effect with the use of essential oils.Massage is useful in itself, and the aromatic oil, penetrating through the skin provides an additional therapeutic effect. only in diluted form are used to massage all ...

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