Massage Technique For Health And Beauty

Aromatherapy massage

massage beneficial to our organism difficult to overestimate, and massage has a double effect with the use of essential oils.Massage is useful in itself, and the aromatic oil, penetrating through the skin provides an additional therapeutic effect. only in diluted form are used to massage all ...

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Lymph at home

Lymph home runs as a type of self-massage that stimulates the lymphatic system and improves the appearance. Modern woman must stay in shape - even when time and effort on it almost does not remain.Helping to look and feel better part can uncomplicated procedure - lymphatic drainage.Massage ...

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Qigong massage for face

Qigong massage face - one of the directions of the Chinese spiritual practice Qigong promotes the preservation of youth and the visual attractiveness of the skin for a long time due to activation of the latent reserves of the human body."Qi" - the energy of life, "Gong" - control.Having mast...

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