Wild Tips

Dry Skin

How to refresh the fading skin

Preventive wiping aging skin needs to be done at the same time is also nutritious, contributing to its improvement and rejuvenation. suitable for this aloe juice, which can not only wipe the skin, but also to add to almost all fruit and vegetable masks.If we use the clay, then it is also poss...

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Black radish : properties , recipes for the skin

More for 2000 years BCRadish used for medical purposes, and so appreciated that she was assigned to the dishes of the most expensive dishes. Useful properties of radish Radish contains useful organic acids, mineral salts, vitamins, enzymes that promote better metabolism, as well as volatile...

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Cosmetic clay Face : features , terms of use

Cosmetic clay - is one of the oldest tools for maintenance and preservation of feminine beauty.The impact of cosmetic clay on the skin can not be overestimated: it moisturizes, nourishes, smooths, heals, tones, improves the structure, cleans - the list goes on! Masks made of clay are availabl...

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