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Oily Skin

Aloe for skin : care recipes for the skin with aloe

Aloe - the most popular houseplant, besides not requiring careful maintenance.Many people know the healing properties of aloe and use them as needed.But on the cosmetic properties of this plant is not everyone knows.But, growing aloe, you have an endless source of the main ingredient for perso...

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Medicinal teas in the care of oily skin

Herbs are popular as an external agent in the treatment of acne and seborrhea.Proper use of medicinal plants in conjunction with medical procedures can give very good results. the treatment of acne and seborrhea is very important to deal with possible internal causes and improving the overall...

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Enlarged pores on the face

Enlarged pores on the face - trouble is that most excites the female sex.Men to facial beauty problems are "philosophically".But can we consider this problem only cosmetic skin defects and just do not pay attention to it? pores - a sort of "communication channels" of the skin to the outside...

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