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Hair Care

Surprise a loved one : change the hairstyle for the New Year

Where a woman starts a "new life"?Of course, a trip to the barber shop.After all, in fact, a new hairstyle can fundamentally change not only the appearance but also the inner state.To feel renewed and meet the coming New Year armed with beauty, you need to select the upgrade option and impleme...

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Home Hair Care : recipes for hair shine

hair to look healthy and luxurious, you need to try a little bit.And this does not need to go to salons - to achieve a beautiful shine, you can own at home. Homemade recipes for hair shine For blond hair 1 cup of strong chamomile broth cooled, apply on clean hair and leave for half an...

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Shampoos for hair : what you do not know

"Shampoo - means for care of hair, which is chosen according to the type of hair is preferred to use a shampoo that the pH is close to 5, it is the most corresponds to the natural acidity of the scalp." (Dictionary). Bad shampoo or good you have purchased, you can immediately recognize.After ...

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Dry seborrhea .Treatment of dry seborrhea herbs

This name is widespread, although clearly failed, as in the translation of seborrhea means' salotechenie ". When this disease is gradually thinning hair, lose their luster and become brittle, break off and split at the ends, are beginning to fall heavily.On the scalp dandruff appears as an ea...

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Hair loss : Causes and Treatment

Hair loss - a fairly common phenomenon.Unfortunately, hair care and scalp often there is a very carefree attitude.A doctor once successfully said: "If the lack of hair care reacted as painful as your teeth, many patients would have appeared much earlier, and many of them could help."But people...

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