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Hair Care

Diet and hair loss : how to restore your hair after diet

Many women who have managed to quickly lose weight, find a new problem: hair loss during and after the diet.This trouble can significantly spoil the joy of gaining a slim figure. But there is nothing in the world that can not be correct!Restore your hair after the diet can, if you know a few ...

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Thalassotherapy and beauty of your hair

pride of the ancient Greek goddess of beauty Aphrodite emerged from the sea foam, had thick long hair.Beauties of all time for strengthening and rehabilitation of hair using the healing power of seafood -vodorosley, salts, mud.Experts call this method thalassotherapy . What is the strength o...

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Mask for hair lightening with cinnamon

From time to time all of us women want to change their image.Even small changes in appearance (especially if they make us more beautiful) long lead ladies in complacent mood.Sometimes for happiness it takes very little - for example, change the hair color. means to achieve the cherished goal ...

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Hair loss : Causes and Treatment

Hair loss - a fairly common phenomenon.Unfortunately, hair care and scalp often there is a very carefree attitude.A doctor once successfully said: "If the lack of hair care reacted as painful as your teeth, many patients would have appeared much earlier, and many of them could help."But people...

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Trend 2015 - haircut STEP ( STEP )

star of "The Hunger Games' Jennifer Lawrence recently made STEP cut (shag). Photo: Getty Images This layered hairstyle - a longtime favorite of top models, has stood the test of time for several reasons, not least of which is that the hairstyle should look disheveled and somewhat unkemp...

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