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Silicone breast : the pros and cons of breast implants

In today's world we are increasingly resorting to the services of plastic surgeons.Now nobody will be surprised facelift or liposuction.Another fashion trend breast augmentation. implant Choice Choosing the right endoprosthesis is one of the most sensitive issues which you will encounter.Th...

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Care décolleté : mask for the skin , body wraps

known that décolleté - one of the most troubled and soon begins to age zones.Cosmetologists believe that a woman's age is easiest to identify is not as hands and neck, and just because it looks like the neckline area.What is the greatest impact on the condition of the skin in this area, and wh...

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In the bath broom - Mr.

custom to go to the bath with a broom goes back to the very origins of the birth of baths in Russia.Another ancient Slavic tribes is widely used in the bath brooms made of birch, oak, maple and other plants.No wonder folk wisdom says: "In the bath broom - Mr." Why so our intelligent ancestors ...

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