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Beauty Recipes .To the neck did not give age

Long, smooth, without wrinkles - so charming and so tempting, especially New Year's Eve!See the New 2008 year of the Rat is still time to prepare.Here are some recipes for beauty shei.Kozha neck is very thin, with poorly developed subcutaneous fat, which leads to malnutrition, and her rapid ag...

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Healing showers in the health and beauty recipes .

Arsenal of our means of struggle against excess weight is great: a variety of diets and fasting days, various creams and ointments, and other beauty treatments, pills and slimming teas.And there are another means - shower - or rather, different kinds of soul.We suggest you learn as a shower wi...

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Exercises for the chest

Exercises for Breast make it taut and beautiful: a little effort and you will be able to once again proud to show in open décolleté dresses and blouses.However, there is one secret here - a comprehensive approach!This means that it is necessary to involve all women's "arsenal»: • Special c...

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