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Feet Care

Baths for tired legs

May holidays, many of us look forward.Someone goes to a campaign, and someone opens the holiday season.In this and in the other case there is a load on the legs.As a result, in the evening feet are felt - tired, sore, swollen.Here are a few recipes for tired feet. Tray of willow (relieves p...

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Tired legs .Recipes means to relieve tired legs

Our feet carry a heavy load and therefore need regular care for good health.Groomed legs lead to rapid fatigue, physical suffering because of pain arising from the movement. Tired legs with edema and swelling can help in the following way: - coming home, pay yourself 30 minutes - at that ti...

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Scrubs for heels

Clean heel scrub for the feet should be once a week, only need to choose a scrub, appropriate type of skin on the feet.Apply a little scrub on pumice or grinding nail file and light circular motions, rub the skin on the heels.Rinse with warm water, rub the heel scrub again.In order not to inju...

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Sweating feet .Footbaths antiperspirant

important role in the care of the feet takes control of their sweat.The reason for sweating of the feet can be a health problem, but also the fact that the legs lack in the air. hygienic foot care will also help to some extent to get rid of Athlete's Foot: recommended regular baths, washing, ...

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Compression bandages from corns

said that corn - is none other than the natural defenses of the skin formation.In those places where it is under constant pressure or friction, the stratum corneum thickens gradually.Thus, corn - organic thickening of the horny layer of the skin from prolonged pressure or friction. However, m...

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Hydration and nutrition of the leg skin

habit to care for face and hair appears in us almost from the cradle, but to toe the hands reach is not always.And in vain, because of the state of the legs is largely dependent and confident gait, and even mood. feet deserve attention as much as any other part of TNT.Daily load that falls on...

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