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Hand Care

Physical exercise for the hands .Women's beauty secrets

is believed that there is nothing that gives the woman's age, her hands.However, with proper care for your hands and the absence of serious diseases of the body can be in 50 years to have a smooth, flexible, young, and beautiful hands than with respect to disregard them in 30. For women 40 yea...

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Kalina in recipes of beauty and health

Residents of central Russia viburnum familiar due to the wide spread of one of its species common viburnum (Viburnum opulus).In the wild it can be found in almost every forest.Grow Kalina and in the gardens, and suburban areas, and even in city parks. plant is very appreciated for its simplic...

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Make manicure horoscope

In this age of craze astrology is a sin not to mention the relation of the horoscope and nails.In fact, the horoscope can help in choosing the color of nail polish and even supporting the day of the week on which it is best to do a manicure. begin with Aries. Aries differ a great desire for ...

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Lemon polish

Every girl dreams of becoming the owner of a beautiful and healthy nails, however, such a gift of nature given not for everyone.To the nails were manicured, you should regularly perform a number of cosmetic procedures that can help strengthen the nail plate and get rid of problems such as brit...

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