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Is bra for you?It is interesting to know

Around bra long tense debate.Experts decide the question whether or not it is harmful constant use?There and here is the view. Research scientists have shown that bra pressure on certain parts of the body leading to pain in the arms, neck and shoulders. American doctors have concluded that...

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There is nothing worse than a convenient Fade syndrome bra when you wear underwear only to support, to cover up and protect from the cold shared in the same place!Do not assume that a great lingerie exists only for seducing men.Wear underwear you need for yourself, your favorite, it means sexy...

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Classification lingerie

you want to learn to understand and correctly in lingerie?Then you will be useful to get acquainted with the existing classification of lingerie, which currently exists in the Russian market. clear that all sections of the classification are unlikely to need to know the lay people - that is, ...

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Rules for the choice of the ideal women's underwear

Just let you know the one that a modest skirt you today elegant lace body, but this knowledge will automatically make you a winner in the eyes and includes a 'green light' confidence.And what requirements should satisfy women's underwear?There are a few simple rules, without which it is scatte...

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Lingerie Fashion 2015

Fashionable lingerie 2015 - floral patterns, classic black and white, feminine and retro bright colors of sport-style.The colors and decor trendy underwear second main trend this year in clothes and make-up - the maximum femininity combined with comfort. Lace floristry Trend on floral orn...

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