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Who needs a culture of communication ?

Polite not be necessary - such impression nowadays quite often.Consumer rudeness, work conflicts, rudeness civil servants, rudeness clients, patients, customers in relation to the service personnel and no less rudeness of staff in relation to the above mentioned categories of citizens - all of...

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Culture of communication and "healthy " competition

Very often, the world seems uncomfortable place where you should be able to survive.This is felt especially in the big cities, where "healthy competition" is reaching pandemic.Of course, you will be nervous for any reason, you will become doubtful, will be in every glance, is addressed to you,...

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Family Etiquette " need to relax at home" !

Those who are serious differences in the family, my problems, probably will seem ridiculous and petty.But what if the reason for the frequent quarrels is just that?we are not too long ago Married - for the third year.My husband is very good - a good, calm, flexible, loving and loyal.It would...

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As the easiest way to persuade a man ?

Women's Day behind.And, as usual, one of the fair half of mankind are in raptures from the received gifts, and other hard to hide the disappointment, if not, sadly noted that the favorite or completely ignored the holiday or chose a gift that is personal,except grief, not delivered. Anything ...

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