Indoor Horticulture

Ginger : the cultivation and care at home

I love tea with ginger.And now, when once again went to buy it, I saw that some of the roots of seedlings were swollen, and even one green leaf samples.Then I had the idea to plant the roots and see what happens. Ginger treated it favorably and began to grow rapidly.This feeling arose that if...

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Flower calceolaria : breeding at home

Calceolaria can be cultivated at home and on beds or on the balcony, so species of this flower does not need to be confused.The difference is that street Calceolaria species bloom only in the cool, but the hybrid plant survives and perfectly at home. What is it - calceolaria? Calceolaria - a...

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Care for plants during the cold season

If your house has a color, it is advice for you.What a house without flowers?They not only decorate our lives, creating the interior, the plants in the house is very good for health.Home plants humidify the air in the room, absorb toxins, and instead produce a special biological field and to d...

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