Wild Tips



- What are you vezёsh in the truck? - Word. - Word?What for?- Baker wiped his hands on her apron and looked in bewilderment at the strange skinny man pushing a trolley. - I'll knit bunches of them, and to give people.After all, words are beautiful, like flowers. - Word?- Fat baker looked e...

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Such people "inseparable".Indeed, the inseparable trinity and not otherwise represented: nails, Lissitzky Kamyrin.At the lectures together discos, a cinema, exams.All five years at the institute only together.And a week before graduation Kamyrin disappeared.That is to say, has not disappeared,...

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In Sklife

be a drop in the motley contents bulk Sklifa quite interesting, especially given the fact that the diagnosis, apparently, was not confirmed, and from the time when they brought, and just became a hostage of his signature - say, consent to examination andwhen slack nurse brought to the House, w...

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to meet the godfather died.The attempt to link the death of the soul wandering in the main church holidays - no more than superstition, and yet ... He was bradat, joyous, mobile, cheerful.The fisherman and mushroom picker, he could talk funny thistles: "Well!Let go! » Barefoot used to walk ...

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