How to choose a men's coat

Men coat - one of the main elements of the wardrobe.You can choose a robe on any shape and in any style if desired - from casual to classic.How to choose a coat, and what to pay attention in the first place? Style First of all, you need to decide what you closer classic or trendy style cas...

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Fashion for Men 2016 - advice on choosing

men want to look fashionable and elegant in everyday life.But lately, kind of guys is very specific.Strange trousers with belt knee-length shirt five colors and purple glasses.Right beside - elegant man in a classic suit and sports shoes.What is this?Why such a contrast of styles?This fashion...

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Stylish men's shirts 2016 photo

More guys pay attention to the trends of recent seasons, trying to be "trending".Excessive "big boys" shopping sometimes surprising, sometimes even repelled, but a man with a light stubble, a pleasant perfume in concise simple, branded clothing immediately attracts the attention of the fair s...

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